Old Bones features various corridors that interlink areas of the map.

The outside of the map holds more area than the inside, which is often used to navigate quickly behind enemies who are in a particluar area.

The map features 2 lots of grandes opposite each other, which creates some very interesting battles. A single sniper and boomshot are other weapons that add some variety and competiton to hold the center of the map.

The map has a lot of viewability, which means that it is possible to see where enemies are or which area they are spawning from in order to get behind and take them down much quicker.

Despite the map size, the map functions really well because of its high visibility. The map is ideal for using the lancer and teams who spot enemies will more than likely win the battle for constant control of the map. Team-work naturally occurs on this map, and unlike other maps this map is easy for a team to control in contrast to other maps, despite its complexity in structure.

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