The fans favourite and most recognisable map from the whole Gears of War series. Gridlock is undoubtedly the one of the best maps in Gears of War.

It has a very original feel and offers a good flexibility of competition for power weapons and plenty of flanking routes that help create a lot of interesting and varied gameplay.

There is a sniper situated in the central tower in the middle of the map, the boomshot in the bell tower in the center of the map and in between the weapons is the grenades.

These explosive weapons can be used to take down enemies in the sniper tower to great effect. Use of the active shot using the boomshot to hit the sniper tower can take down multiple enemies.

There is usually a long drawn out battle for the sniper rifle at the beginning which means that Boomshot is a really useful weapon to pick up to take down whoever is unfortunate enough to win the sniper rifle battle!

Hammer burst appears in the towers that link the spawn areas to the boomshot area, and can be good places to chill with the sniper and overlook the boomshot. Just watch out for those pesky enemies that might come from spawn to catch you out.

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