Garden has a unique way you can die from the environment. In the area where the sniper rifle can be picked up is toxic gas that is being used to grow some plants. In order to pick the Sniper up you have to turn off the gas using 3 buttons located close by to the sniper spawn.

Only once these are turned off does the weapon become available.

The map features a large undercover area, where a Hammer of Dawn can be picked up. This weapon can be devastating to enemies, but the battle for the weapon is often intense and drawn out.

Typically the battle for Boomshot can be equally intense as both teams try their best to grab hold of this powerful weapon.

There are many areas of cover that can be used to hide away from enemies, and the middle area has lots of openings that enable flanking to occur fairly commonly. This means that using the Hammer of Dawn is risky, especially knowing there is a sniper around in addition.

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