Fuel Depot is a fantastic map to play, which has lots of opportunities to get behind players quickly. Especially on the helipad and inside the depot.

The map features a Hammer of Dawn in the center of the depot. Whilst outside in two trucks at opposite ends of the map there is a sniper rifle.

These sniper rifles make for an interesting battle between the sniper positions as they overlook one another, resulting in some interesting opportunities to get some really spectacular kills.

There are two grenade spawn areas on this map, and the multiple paths that are possible between the grenades and sniper spawn area provide an excellent grenade tagging opportunity.

Opportunities to get in behind are high on this map, however it can be risky as players often expect it. Try being aware of enemy positions on the map before attempting to go for a flank. Make sure they are well and truly distracted as you never know who might be waiting for you around the corner.


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