Escalation is a multi tiered level which features various steps on route to either spawns. It is a unique level offering plenty of escape routes and places to quickly disappear if required by the player.

There are 3 different grenade spawn locations on the map, making it a very effective weapon to use on the map to take down enemies quickly, especially groups of enemies who might not be paying attention to you.

Have a read of some of our posts and learn more about this map and how you can adapt your game to this unique map.

The sniper rifle is also available on this map, and players will typically sit at the bottom of the map sniping in an upwards direction to make progress in the level, however this technique is quite predictable and players team mates may get quickly overwhelmed if both snipers are utilized at the the bottom of the map.

There is also, Hammer burst, Boltok pistol available on this map, which help add some variety to a game plan for a team coming from the top of the map downwards.


Posts from Escalation

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