Courtyard is a unique level that has a high rise area with a sniper on-top that enables a team to dominate and offer long distance penetration that can keep even some of the best players away from them. This combined with the Hammer of Dawn which can easily be broughy up to the top level means that it can be very difficult to unlock the opposition if they are able to get set up.

This level will feature lots of spawn killing, unless you can get to the safety of Boomshot, or Grenades.

It is rumoured this level may be getting a fix to stop the Hammer of Dawn being a weapon pickup, which at the moment simply means that it is too powerful for the level.

This level features very open areas, only the grenades and the Boomshot area are separate from the rest of the map, which is completely visible from the top level of this map.

Posts from Courtyard

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