Canals is a favourite map by many players of the Gears community. It has changed over the years, and was part of the snowblind map pack in Gears of War 2. It is back in its original format now which includes the handrails that were in the original Gears of War 1.

It is fantastic to see this map back as it really helps provide a level that enables the best Gears of War play to occur.

Flanking, map knowledge and weapon usage are all big parts of this level. Each corridor or path has its own positives and negative points and there really is no perfect place to hide on this level.

The Sniper is available early on after a respawn on each side, which results in busy sniper rifle battles at the start. Or the sniper can take a look over the torque bow area located under the bridge in the middle of the map. A sniper rifle can also look all the way down to the other end of the map on either side, which means that the sniper is a really effective weapon on this map, however with the opportunity it provides, it also encourages flanking by enemies on the sniper rifle bridge, which can cause a lot of problems for anyone wishing to use the sniper rifle.

The grenades are a sure way of getting a lot of kills on this map, especially if you use them in the corridors joining the two sniper bridges. There is limited space to avoid grenades in these corridors, and if a drawn out battle is going on you are unlikely to pick up a handful of kills if thrown in this area.

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