Most people know this map from Gears of War 3, as it was not played very often on the original Gears of War. There is a slight difference with Gears 3 and Gears UE with how the weapon spawn at the lower end of the map is. Instead of a Boomshot in Gears of War 3, the weapon spawn is back to the original Torque bow.

There is also a different structure in this area, which can be difficult to hold down, especially when the Kryll come down to take you down!

The level also features sniper rifles at either side of the map, with players preferring to shoot each other from sniper spawn to opposite sniper spawn. You will have to be careful not to lose your head in the area in between.

This area in between features grenades, so it is highly rewarding if you can get in here and grab these.

There are only a couple of short flanking routes behind the enemy, from torque bow to grenades on either side, which is a good route to take if there are long drawn out battles going on.

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