Players experiencing Gnasher issues on Gears of War Ultimate Edition

gears of war ue gnasher

There are some strange things happening regarding the Gnasher sometimes when you are in the heat of battle.

Players are refusing to get killed despite being down with mutliple shots being fired into them.

“Bullet Sponging” where the player absorbs the bullets but seems to take very little or no damage when you hit them.

The problem seems more likely to occur when blind firing the weapon, although in this clip below we still see the issues sometimes with hard aiming.

Some of the shots fired in this clip do miss the player, however we can see some that clearly hit the player when they are down or when they are in the middle of the screen, but the opposition does not die.

This issue could be down to the players individual connection. I personally have experienced issues, but none as clear cut as this. When i am running along sometimes my player will skip ahead and be further ahead than where he was a fraction of a second later. It appears that the game is correcting my position? But its not clear as to what is going on exactly.

I have a decent connection at home, decent for my country anyway, and previously I have played on 3mb connections on other Gears games on player hosted servers and not had issues with the Gnasher like this.

This post highlights a lot of the issues that people are having with the Gnasher, with many people agreeing that the player who is closest to the dedicated server is going to have the best game when playing Gears.

In order to help the community we will be putting together a guide for increasing your performance of your internet connection for gaming, discussing everything from wireless connection optimisation and how to lag to get the best out of the game completely. Stay tuned, and search GoWPortal another day and we will be on the case soon with a guide to enable you to have a better connection and experience playing Gears of War Ultimate Edition and other games online.


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