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Hey there Gears Fam its me again and welcome to Gears of War Portal and HAPPY EDAY to you!

So its finally here and holy cr@p I cannot believe I have the awesome privilege to be able to write about something as amazing as Gears of War and about the beast that is Gears of War Ultimate Edition! If you haven’t yet seen, Twitter is full of hyped players playing KOTH, Execution and Team Death match.

Its absolutely insane how well launch date has gone and there’s so many hot topics right now that we, at Gears of War Portal are constantly staying tuned in so that we can bring you more and more updated content as the newest addition to the franchise takes it place in history.

Be sure to keep checking back as we add more and more content to the site so you can to stay up to date with the latest news, updates, videos, strategies and more to help you stay on top of your game!

So then, Gears of War Ultimate Edition… what can I say except ‘oh…my…god…is this game living up to the hype or what’?! If you loved Gears of War 1, then this hugely anticipated release is going to literally blow your digital mind!

I mean c’mon, what’s not to love… Dedicated servers, full 1080P graphics and a whopping 60FPS multiplayer frame rate which not only looks incredible, it feels it too! If you played the Beta then you know exactly what I am talking about but if you didn’t and you are waiting for the UK release… you are in for a real next generation Gears of War treat my friends.

In case you didn’t know, the price for the AAA release is a an all time low at £29.99. For an Xbox One game this is cheap and not only are you getting the Ultimate Edition, when the rest of the franchise lands on backwards compatibility and provided you own the game on disc or digitally, you can play them too. That’s right gamers, 5 Gears of War games for the price of one, however, even though its this simple getting them on backwards compatibility there is a catch and that is, to make sure you have played Ultimate Edition before December 31st 2015!

I am a die hard Gears fan and I cannot think of any other reasons why this isn’t a must have for any of my fellow Gear heads and just imagine all of those amazing games lined up on your ‘Apps and Games’ library being playable on your Xbox One… Sweet!

Anyway, not that I actually need to convince you to buy it but just in case you are struggling to decide on versions we have decided to help you out. As a guy that craves to have all things limited edition Gears I understand that there is one question that’s on so many players minds right now and that’s trying to figure out which characters are you are going to be getting with your per-order.


So for those who have been scouring the internet trying to find out how to get their preferred character, I am pleased to say… we have that list and it brings me great pleasure to bring this information to you now.

lets start from the beginning and with the original character that was announced by Gears of War and The Coalition…

Civilian Anya Multiplayer character…

anya and weapon skin

“Anya Stroud began as a communication officer in the COG army. She was integral to the success of Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad in Gears of War and Gears of War 2 by guiding the team over their comms”. For those of you who have played Gears of War 3 then you will know she is no longer working as a communication officer and has joined the fight donning armour and fought alongside the COG as they took the fight literally right to the heart of the queen.

Alongside Anya comes a weapon skin for you to play online with, the Animated Imulsion Weapon Skin which you can see Anya holding above

All you need to do to enjoy this perk is to literally pre-order any copy of the game! ‘Really you say’… Yes I say! It really is that simple and guess what, if you pre-order digitally online you can even get Adam Fenix. How awesome is that?! Mr Marcus Fenix’ father himself and dressed proudly in all his glorified COG armour which has been redesigned to give it the fresh look that this release is bragging.


Sir Adam Fenix, the Soldier, the Scientist, the Father of the great Marcus Fenix

adam fenix

Not enough? well, this is where it gets interesting and you may have to either make the choice between one version of the game or another and I am not joking when I say that character availability can actually be dictated by country so lets go for it!

Have you heard about the Gears of War Ultimate Edition Deluxe Version? If you haven’t and you are the type of player who absolutely MUST have everything you can possibly obtain for a game then this is definitely something you should look at pre-ordering and or purchasing.

This beast of a version is bragging three characters and masses of weapon skins starting with Civilian Anya, Unarmoured Marcus, Aaron Griffin and Adam Fenix followed by 16 weapon skin packs! that’s huge! Get your hands on this bundle will cost you £44.99 to pre-order digitally.


This digital download is the only available version of the Deluxe version of the game, you will not be able to purchase this at any retailer outlet so if this look like the one for you, get on it and get downloading. Again, the backwards compatibility aspects i mentioned earlier apply to this version too so come join the Gears Fam on launch day with your awesome weapon skins.

unarmoured marcus








That’s not it though… there are more exclusives depending on where you pre-order from and this ranges from retailer to retailer and country so again, you may need to make a decision on where you buy from or go for the options many of my friends have gone for and that’s to buy multiple versions from anywhere they can.

Before I continue it hurts me to tell you that if you did not play the Beta in the UK on the 20/06/2015 or the Beta at all you will have missed the opportunity to unlock Thrashball Cole Train and Thrashball Drone. Unfortunately I have not yet seen or know of any other way to attain these characters

thrashball cole

thrashball drone








Anyway, let me take you through the other ways of unlocking those other variants via pre-order…

Superstar ‘Whoa baby’ Cole Train is available to you however this character is currently so exclusive that the only known way to enable you to obtain this happy go lucky character would be to pre-order the Xbox One Gears of War bundle to get him (currently retailing at Game for £299.99)


Pre-order from online or in store
the standard pre-order of the Gears of War Ultimate Edition from this retailer will secure you the dark and merciless Savage Drone and Savage Grenadier

savage grenedier

savage drone








Pre-order from the U.S on
Unfortunately there is no current information on how to get your hands on the Savage Theron in the UK, this elusive and beastly character is available through Amazon when purchasing on


#GearsFact – The Theron guard actually inherited its name because of Cliff Blezinskis love of Charlize Theron



Pre-order from EB Games – Australia, Canada, New Zealand
Ordering from here will get you the well sought after, very much one of the most favourite Locust characters among players, the vicious Savage Kantus







This character is also available to purchase without pre-order. This information will be available soon so please check back for details





Pre-order from OpenGames in Italy
If you wish to order a little further away from home you can order from OenGames in Italy to which you will be rewarded the Golden Minor for your efforts





This character is also available to purchase without pre-order. This information will be available soon so please check back for details






Pre-order via MediaWorld in Italy
Visiting and pre-ordering from MediaWorld Italy would get you the Golden Hunter, a known Locust for its ability to track its enemy and kill without remorse and if you feel like this character represents you as a player then this is a perfect attribute to your playable character library



Are you wondering about the playable unlock able in game characters? Yes?… We have them too! yes that’s right, we have been researching every element of the Gears of War multiplayer universe to bring you the most updated news and here we have it!


Check our other page uploaded earlier today detailing the unlock-able characters!



So there you have it my fellow Gears, just in case for whatever reason you are unable to pre-order your copy of Gears of War Ultimate Edition there will be more content added soon explaining how and where you can buy the characters that are available for direct purchase too.

Thank you again for stopping by, its been awesome and I hope this has been helpful too!

Happy gaming Gears Fam!

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