Gears of War Ultimate Edition is Released!

gears of war ultimate edition release

Happy Emergence day everybody.

Today is the day that everybody has been waiting for. It seems like a long time ago we were wondering what e3 would bring, then we were all pleasently suprised that a Beta version of a new Gears of war game was made available to us to play!

It was an amazing day for sure, with everyone in panic mode to quickly download their code and wait for a short period of time for their next code to arrive, then wait again to download the beta and start playing! For most of us we got a good 7 days out of it. Which was good enough for most of us. However once it finished it left us feeling a bit empty and awaiting the release, which now feels like a lifetime, but we got there!

Only not all of us have got there as some parts of the world have to wait until the 28th to get our hands on the game! This is crazy, but im sure in a few weeks we would have forgotton about this.

Reaction has been great so far from the community, with a lot of excitement surrounding the release, some pics highlight exactly the feelings of some perfectly.
People going for the top rank, only to inevitably need sleep at some point!

Declaring Love for the game, taking them back to 2006!

People not happy at the inability to play the game because of different release dates for different parts of the world 🙁

Happiness and added extras pleasing a dedicated player

Gnasher Comments help show us what its like to play with the new Gnasher. Best keep our distance in the game if we can help it!

Excitement and Anticipation as the first multiplayer game starts


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