Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Achievements set to be the same as Gears of War 1


Gears of War Ultimate edition achievements look set to be the same as the original Gears of War 1.

Although only one image has been released showing the achievement progress, it shows us that the achievement “Zen and the art of reloading” Which is worth 10 gamerscore and you get for simply performing 25 active reloads.

This is probably the first achievement that most people will get, as its one of those tutorial achievements to help you understand the active reload.

Its nice to see the functionality of the achievements showing progress as you go along. In the first Gears of War 1, you never knew exactly how many kills towards achievements you had until Gears of War 2 came along. How achievements for kills were recorded changed aswell. You had to be in a match that had at least 3 people on either team at the end of the match. Or so it was thought, but i dont think anyone knows for sure!

So this asks the question. If the achievements dont change, then are we likely to see Seriously 1.0 make another appearance?  if so, then it will be a lot easier to earn..

Its likely that all kills in each game-type will count. Previously only Warzone, Execution kills counted towards Seriously.

Seriously 1.0 was always about multiplayer and ranked matches. It will be interesting to see if you can obtain the kills in public matches. In Gears of War 3 it didn’t matter whether you were playing campaign, ranked, public. You would still get kills that would count towards medals.

So although this image does suggest we will have the same Gears of War achievements.. there could still be a lot of changes to how these achievements are obtained.

Best guess would be that they will remain the same, but they will be easier to obtain because of the game-modes and not requiring ranked games to be able to play.

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