Gears of War Private Matches will Run on Dedicated Servers!

Gears remastered blood
blood splatter from gnasher in the Gears of War remastered version

This is confirmation, from a developer from “The Coalition” that custom settings such as Actives, Self Revive, Respawn Timer will be included in private match settings.

He also added at the end + dedicated servers!

This may be part of a strategy to help eSports session creation, as they realise the importance and power of adding dedicated servers to custom game modes.

It could also however just be an additional feature they added without as much thought.

Either way, it is somethign that fans should be very pleased about.

The days of laggy connections, and poor online experience are hopefully behind us. Those who remember lag as an issue in Gears of War always deep down knew that one day it wouldn’t be an issue, and this news I feel marks a new era of online play on consoles that will be lag free.

Who remembers The Lag Switchers?

Or just really terrible lag like this?


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