Gears of War Appeals to new Fans

Gears of War UE title

It’s really fantastic to read some awesome reviews from people that are enjoying Gears of War that have never played the game before.

This review of Gears of War in particular describes the games appeal to the section of Gamers that have never decided for whatever reason to play Gears of War, and in the review they speak of the high regard of the game that it has, which is justified once they played it.

There are plenty of other fan reviews of the game out there too, which help in understanding public perception of the game.

Gears from my point of view at least has not had much of a marketing budget, but despite this it has quickly become the biggest selling game in the UK since lauch, which tells us that word of mouth and the fact the game and franchise still has a great reputation from being an amazing game is all that is required to top the charts.

I’ve seen friends who over the years lost interest in Gears come back and fall in love with the game all over again.

The future is bright for the franchise. And I am pleased to bring this news to the Gears community. ☺


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