Gears of War Ultimate Edition leaked from Russian Version of New Gears of War site.

Gears of war Russian

Gears of War Xbox one edition has been leaked from the official Gears of War website only 48 hours before the planned e3 announcements.

The leak came from a page in Russian that listed the Xbox One version of the game with its own page.

This means many things,

including Seriously all over again

New game modes, that include a new gnasher mode,which will be of interest to hardcore players.

Customisable special moves. Active charge, revival. What could this mean exactly?!

Improved sensitivity settings. This will be a good feature for some who are forever tweaking their settings.

Most interestingly we can see a release date that says August 25th 2015 which is not far away at all.

But how does this tie in with the clear Gears of War 1 beta that we saw previously?

We have a feeling that Gears of War 3, may well not be the first or only announcement and game that will be released.

Will you be going for Seriously 3.0 again? There will be enough to keep us busy from now until the 2016 if this is all confirmed as being true.

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