Gears eSports Season 2 Weapon Skin ‘Prism’ Available in Xbox Marketplace


Good news for you all; The Season 2 weapon skin is now available to purchase in the Xbox Live Marketplace for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. That’s not all. This time there’s not one but two bundles you can choose to buy. They include a pre-order character each: Golden Hunter and Superstar Cole.


You must at least buy one of the bundles to obtain the ‘Prism’ skin. You cannot buy the Season 2 weapon skin on its own as it’s part of the bundles.



Click on the image above to be taken to the Xbox Live Marketplace for the Season 2 ‘Prism’ weapon skin.



Click on the image above to be taken to the Xbox Live Marketplace for the Superstar Cole Season 2 Bundle.



Click on the image above to be taken to the Xbox Live Marketplace for the Golden Hunter Season 2 Bundle.


All proceeds of the bundles go directly towards supporting Gears eSports. Both bundles cost £3.99/$5. You don’t need to buy both but of course the choice is optional if you need both pre-order characters. Adding Golden Hunter and Superstar Cole to the bundles is a really fantastic idea. These characters are really sought after and it’ll make lots of people happy to not only have the Season 2 ‘Prism’ skin but having a pre-order character too.


Here is a showcase of the skins:



Weapons on the back of your character. *Credit to Xbox Cory for this screenshot*



Close up-shot of ‘Prism’ Lancer.



Close up-shot of ‘Prism Gnasher. *Credit to ProGear360 for helping me with the close-up shots of the ‘Prism’ Lancer and Gnasher*


As you can see, it’s a really good-looking skin. It’s generous of The Coalition and ESL designing these skins and releasing them to the public. So if you are interested in obtaining this weapon skin, please head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace at or click any of the first 3 images of this post to take you to each of the individual items.


Remember this weapon skin will stay available for the duration of ESL Gears eSports Season 2. It will not stay in the Xbox Live Marketplace permanently. Season 2 will end in April. I’m not 100{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e} certain of the exact date but will update this post soon as I find out about it.




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