10 Tips to Success in Gears of War 4

foundation gears of war 4
foundation gears of war 4

This video was released during the Beta, but is still extremely relevant to the game now it has been released. It was one of our tutorials we made that has not really had the attention it deserves and there are some important lessons in there that will help you become a better player by making better decisions and ensuring that you are more aware of your surroundings and team mates.

Gone are the days where you can be successful as a lone wolf in this game, its now about supporting your team, helping them to unlock enemies positions by creating more angles on the enemies. Stopping rushing enemies on the opposition team and taking down those who try and pickup the power weapons.

Reducing the risks you take and taking risks in the right situations are some of the things that will make you a better Gears of War 4 player.

Although its tempting to listen to some people about Wall bouncing and its importance, its somewhat irrelevant as a good organised team will be able to nullify this threat.

When playing Gears of War 4 Beta
It’s important to think about your game and play style and how effective it is at getting the all important wins that will affect your overall rank.

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1.) Stick with your team!

This has gotta be the most significant game for team work that we can remember. The maps are layed out in such a way that you can only see a small portion of the map at any one time. So controlling areas of the map are a top priority.

2.) Support your team

Not only sticking with your team, but supporting them! Are you adding value by increasing your team mates DPS against an enemy? Are you creating another angle that supports their battle and reduces the chance the enemy has of winning?

3.) Spot enemies

Your unit is much stronger together, and knowledge is power!
The game has extra focus on reactions, because of the map layout, which means that spotting enemies coming can give you a significant advantage especially if your team are working as a unit effectively.

4.) Cover the flank
Flanking occurs on small areas, frequently. There is mutliple routes available to multiple locations, and no “safe” areas that favour another particulary well.
As part of your unit, you need to cover your teams flank, or the position that they are not covering.

5.) Don’t go looking for kills, look for your team mates

If you find yourself dying a lot, it can be frustrating. The result of a gnasher battle can be as much down to a roll of a dice or a flip of a coin, such small movements of the player or poor shot timing can result in a gnasher battle loss.
Instead of getting frustrated, stop looking for kills and let the kills come to you and hold lb to find your team mates.

6.) Stay calm in close combat

It can be an instinctual reaction to panic up close and personal with other players.
It’s better to learn to control you shots, and time them well. Rather than slowly get better at panicking!

7.) Attack Smartly

Target weak enemies, take a gamble with these enemies
Get behind enemies by flanking
Support your team mates by flanking and catching players out of position

8.) Active Reload
Make good use of active reloads. Use them when you are preparing for battle, or prior to getting behind an enemy. Or simply to catch an enemy out of position

9.) Value your life!
Your life is very valuable in Gears, especially in TDM! Instead of trying to get kills, try and minimise your deaths! And reduce the risks you take!

10.) Persevere, watch pro players, read tips, find a team.
This game will frustrate you but keep going! Its very satisfying when you can pull off some great moves. Keep going! The ranking factors will keep you on a fairly level playing field! Tips from pro players will help too.

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