Sniper Tips and Interview with THE CAP7AIN

the cap7ain

Hello! Nice to meet you. I have been admiring your Gears of War sniper clips recently and aim to get as good as yourself one day with the sniper as i currently suck compared to some people out there I see.

To help me on my way, and to help others too who are keen on getting better with the weapon we have some questions for you to find out what it takes to be a great Gears of War sniper user.

How long have you played Gears for?

My best friend and I picked it up the day GoW dropped. We used to stay up all night on school nights playing nonstop. It was like nothing we’d played before and so much fun. We hung around #4 and #6 on the Execution leaderboard for awhile.

How long have you been using the sniper rifle in Gears? and how long did it take you to get half decent with the weapon?

I was never the “designated” sniper on any game, except for Gears. I was just better at it than the people i played with, so they would always let me pick it up. About a few months of playing with it, i started making beasts shots, getting doubles, and blindfires. I had no idea, in terms of the GoW community, what i was doing sniping wise. Then i saw NISMOJOE’s videos on Youtube. I was hooked and started saving money for a capture card.

Do you prefer to sit in typical places with the sniper and camp, or are you more on the move with it?

Both. Depends on my situation. If my team were all dead on Execution i had certain spots on maps i knew for a fact i could win 1v3 on, so i would haul ass to that spot. If my team has the game in control, then i’m in your face with the Longshot while you try to shotty me, and i’m winning.

In terms of improving your accuracy with the sniper, are there any routines, gametypes, or methods that you use to improve yourself with this weapon?

I’ve learned that staying calm, even in mid clip, would help me hit the next shot. I hit most of my clips while laid back in my chair with my feet propped up. When GoW added Annex to the playlist my sniping skills grew because i was getting to use it way more than Execution. Annex/King of the Hill/Blitz are the way to go if you want to get better sniping.

If you had to give a new player advice for using the sniper what would it be?

  • The most important thing is to find the right sensitivity for you.

  • Always remember to never move while you take your shot.

  • Take the shot! Take the chance. You will miss. Everyone misses. But, when you do hit those insane shot, it’s amazing.

  • Always try to keep your target in the center of your screen, so when you hit left trigger, you have minimal corrections to make before you pull the right trigger.

Have you ever watched any tutorial videos about the sniper, and if so which ones helped you out?

Yes, i watched a few of LiKe BuTTeR’s tutorials back in the day. He does a great job of explaining every shot from your beginner shots to those advanced trickshots. After watching his videos my blindfire game went up tremendously.

Your clips are pretty awesome, are you as good with other weapons as you are with the sniper? Or is the sniper your speciality?

Everyone knows you have to be great with the shotty to be a good player at any GoW. The Gnasher and Longshot are the only 2 weapons i excel at. My torque skills are embarrassing, so i never pick it up haha.

Do you have a group of players you play with when you have obtained the clips you have got or are you playing solo?

I do have a group of best friends i play with, but when we play, we play to win. It’s hard to get clips with those guys because they kill everything. Just about all of my videos are from when i play solo.

What do you think of the Gears of War community generally? Are there any players or content creators that you have learned a lot from or have high praise for?

As far as GoW forums and stuff goes, i don’t get involved. Most of the time it just makes me mad. I am active on the GoW page on Reddit though. I’ve learned a lot from just watching other peoples videos, but most of those people i were never friends with. One friend that really helped me step my editing game up was TrebuL.

What is your favorite map for using the sniper in Gears and why?

Gridlock. Because that’s where it all started. I know the map like the back of my hand. Being able to weapon slide the snipe helps too. I just feel comfortable on that map.

If you could change one thing about Gears of War UE what would it be?

The inconsistency of my shots not registering. I feel like this is happening to me way more than any GoW game. There’s nothing like bouncing off a wall, bodying a guy, turn to the next, only to get killed by the guy you thought you just killed.

With Gears of War 4 beta coming out in Spring 2016, it will offer new challenges online. Will you be posting more clips next year?

Definitely. There’s no other games like the Gears series out there so i’m along for the ride for as far as it goes.

How often do you play Gears? and what keeps you playing Gears of War over other games?

I have a job that requires me to work a couple of nights a week. So i get to play 3-4 nights a week. Like i said before, there’s no other game like Gears. I have them all, Destiny, CoD, Battlefield. Great games, but they don’t compare to Gears. Hands down the best headshot sound effect ever as well.

There are a ton of great snipers, even better ones, and more successful youtubers out there than i am. Thanks for watching my videos and choosing me for this interview.

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