Play Smart at Gears – Episode 3 – Control Gnasher Battles

kick ass at gears

We are delighted to release episode 3 of our dedicated Gears of War tips series.

the previous episodes have topped the milestones of 10 and 15 likes and now this milestone is set at 25 likes. Realy pleased with the feedback so far with many of you asking for more so keep the likes coming, and as long as they are getting likes and positive feedback they will be coming so dont worry 😄

let us know if you learn anything 😄


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I have always enjoyed playing Gears of War online, and enjoy helping others out too. Analysing gameplay and always improving and sharing my experience. We have a useful Gears of War channel on Youtube. A big following on twitter in the Gears community and a friendly team. We are always welcoming new contributors so get in touch @x50_Spence


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