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kick ass at gears

About this Series

We have started a new video series aimed at turning you guys into better Gears of War players.

The series is a fairly short series of episodes, where we cover a subject of being a smarter Gears player.

The idea behind it is to enable more people to improve their game and to give you more enjoyment out of your game and think a little more in depth about the decisions you make to help you win more matches.

The episodes are full of tricks and tips for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and feature gameplay with commentary designed to point out the best ways to improve your game, and direct you into the perfect way to improve your Gnasher skills, with Gnasher tips and tricks as well as plenty of other useful information.

Milestones for this Video Series

  • Reach 10 Likes on Episode 1 – Achieved 31st Nov 2015
  • Reach 15 Likes on Episode 2
  • Reach 20 Likes on Episode 3
  • Reach 30 likes on Episode 4


Watch the Episodes

Episode #1 – Survival

This episode guides you through the importance of staying alive and understanding how you can keep your life intact if you play a bit smarter!

There are loads more examples of survival on our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe if you dont want to miss anything in future. We will have plenty more episodes and plenty more tricks and tips for you, unlike anything else!

youtube link or watch it below!


Episode #2 – Awareness

The second episode, which is all about Awareness in Gears of War multiplayer can be seen here. Are you as aware of what is going on as you could be? You might have missed something, so be sure to watch this episode as its a great tutorial for establishing a better understanding of the game and becoming better as a player on Gears of War online

youtube link or watch it below!

Episode #3 | Gnasher Control

Episode 3 is all about Gnasher Control, and using the range to control the enemies that try to rush you.

This is a real smart way to deal with opponents that you may be missing out on, so do yourself a favor and watch this video, as it might give you some decent tricks and tips with the Gnasher!


Episode #4 – Aggression/Mentality

This episode talks about the aggression of your game, and understanding how to be a smarter Gears player online by controlling matches by being passive, and aggressive at the right time in the right situation. Various battles take place throughout the match and you have to ensure you dont become too aggressive too soon to risk losing battles that could have been won by just playing a bit smarter.

Well there is plenty to go through, we are aiming high at 20 episodes, but that can only be achieved if you think its worthwhile and if you enjoy the series. So if it helps then give us a thumbs up!

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