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As part of our ongoing tips series we are going over TDM on War Machine. We ultimately want to cover every single map with every single game mode! A very ambitious task I know, but one that will mean a comprehensive coverage of Gears of War Tips for Ultimate Edition and tips that can be applied to other Gears of War games too!

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TDM on War Machine can be tough, and enemies can turn teams over pretty quickly if they get in a good rythmn as spawn killing is fairly common, and can be seen in the video. Its not a tactic that is proudly used by teams, but this map does naturally mean that the two spawns are fairly easy to control because of a bottleneck and little cover on the escape out of the doorway of the spawn room.

[sociallocker id=”1872″]At the beginning of the round it is possible to immediately tell how many players are going which way. By going to the central part of the map, you can assess who is going to grenades, who is going to the middle, and the enemies that you dont see can be assumed to be going to Sniper.

It is then natural at this point if the center of the map is clear to flank the Sniper position.

This strategy can be used as a basis to start your round off, and with some luck it can be possible that all 4 enemies have gone to sniper and are not looking at the immediate flank from the opposition as they are busy in a gun fight with 3 others at sniper and a long drawn out battle commences.

The middle of the map is a good place to be to control the map, and by using the lancer in the middle of the map you can control to an extent the map and keep rushing enemies away from you to be picked up easy by your team mates.

The only issue with this strategy is the sniper, but they will have quite a task on their hands to control your ability to take cover, as the central pieces of cover can immediately remove the threat and allow you to get away even at close quarters combat.

How you play War Machine is really about being aware of the enemy positions as much as possible, and making your team mates aware too, by marking the opposition.
You can decide against weaker opposition to rush and get behind enemies, but against relatively good opposition this is dangerous.

Pay close attention to how may enemies are alive or dead at any time, and how many of your team mates are alive or dead, as opportunities to attack will usually take place on War Machine when players distracted by your team mates.

Flank when you have 4 players alive, assist when you are down to 2 players. This is a strategy that is not only good for War Machine, but other maps too.

Watch this video for further tips about how to become a better player in TDM and specifically apply it to the War Machine map.


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