How To Play King of the Hill on Mansion


[sociallocker id=”1872″] Mansion is one of those levels that has so many different routes to the hill and to key areas of the map that most of the time any hanging around in one specific area is going to get you killed. Staying on the move, and protecting the key areas of the specific hill that you are capturing is one of the main requirements of defending the hill. Trying to be aware of all the different exits and entrances that are on the map is another.

Defending the top area of the map can be tricky, as there are so many different routres the enemy can take up the main stairs, or up the rear stairs, or even switching sides to take the enemy by suprise.

When attacking the hill, using the strategy of suprise combined with a power weapon such as the Grenades or the Boomshot can have a devastating effect on the defenders of the hill.

Whilst defending, more often than not all the enemies will end up in a similar position and clustered together on Mansion.

This video briefly discusses techniques such as luring people away from the hill, and also shows how to time your approach to thill to maximise the score you can receive and minimise the enemy score.

Being aware of where and when the enemies may spawn is another key ingrediant into getting more captures.

Remember that King of the Hill is not about getting kills, but more about the caps and points. So dont go chasing enemies in a stalemate situation, unless you are attacking the hilland have to force the issue.



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