How to play as a Support Player on Gears of War – Tips


The Importance of the Support Player

Playing as a support player is probably one of the most important ways to play Gears of War. You simply cannot have a good team without the glue that sticks everything together.

The support player uses variety and moves with an aggressive team mate in order to reduce the options that the enemy player(s) have and make the job of the aggressive player much easier.

To be effective, you must have a good understanding of each situation, and quickly find the resolution that your team mate requires. This means that the support player has to have a decent amount of intelligence to be able to determine the best course of action to take.

The support player by default is probably most effective when using the lancer, and allowing the aggressive team mate use of the Gnasher to “force the issue” with the opponent.

The aggressive player on your team should try to avoid being too “gung-ho” and instead play with calculated risks that forces the hand of the enemy. (Staying out of one shot range is probably a good idea!)

The support player then has a fraction more time also to find the angle or find the answer to reducing the enemy threat, to allow either the support player or the aggressive player to get the kill.

The position of your player should be to add additional angles to an existing gun battle.

Sitting back a little in a withdrawn position using the lancer is a good way to rack up a lot of points and cause a lot of damage to the enemy, in relative safety.

However, whilst using the lancer a lot, you may also come unstuck with enemies spawning behind you or to the sides. This means you need to keep aware of more than just the one battle that is going on.

Your focus when not engaged in supporting team mates, should be on looking for enemies constantly and spotting, but not pursuing enemies yourself.

If the support player is lost in battle, then suddenly your team mates will be used to having that support and suddenly going in all guns blazing will likely result in them getting killed themselves too.

Good communication can avoid this from happening.

Can you be a good support player?

Watch our video below for some examples of being a support player.




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