Gnasher Tips – How to be more effective with the Gnasher on Gears of War

gnasher tips and tricks

The Gnasher is a highly used weapon in Gears of War. In order to take in these Gnasher tips you need to understand the different ways players use the weapon.

There are many people who are extremely effective with the weapon who seem to effortlessly take down all their opponents without much thought.

The truth is, using this weapon comes naturally to more people than most. Just like anything else in life really everyone has a natural ability when they first start using anything.

For me, i was terrible at using the weapon when i first started playing Gears of War back in 2009. I would say that Im not a natural user of the weapon.

But whilst i have used it and racked up 10’s of thousands of kills with it I have become a player who is pretty effective with the weapon

Using the Gnasher on Gears of War Ultimate Edition is very tricky for some.
The bullets come out much closer together than in any previous Gears of War game, which means that you have to be very accurate in order to take down your enemy.

You often see players holding down LT constantly whilst going for a kill, and this can be an extremely good way of taking players down in a couple of accurate shots.
However, it does make you a bit of a sitting duck for a sniper, and if you are not in cover then someone can easily Lancer or Pistol you down with little effort.

Then you have players that are moving around bouncing off walls and ceilings it seems. These guys rely on their agility to out maneouver enemies in order to gain an advantage.
This is again very effective in some circumstances, however if you are doing this and miss your first shot, or your second, suddenly you have a really tough time staying alive whilst trying to run circles around your opponent.

So what is the best way to use the Gnasher?
How can you maintain a good kill to death ratio using the Gnasher?

You have to be able to adapt to each different situation in front of you,
and make the best decisions in order to give yourself the best chance of staying alive and not dying

In terms of the Gnasher this means that

Pick and choose your battles carefully.

If someone catches you off guard, or you miss your first shot, you need to be in a position to get away.

So going headfirst into gun battles is not a good move, as it gives your opponent an advantage.
You do get a lot of people who run head first straight at you. They will roll straight towards you and leave it down to chance as to who will get the first melee hit or the first shot in.

Ideally unless you are coming up behind people, you should not give yourself an opportuntity to be killed with one shot, or to be hit with the melee.

I know its difficult to get into the habit of doing this, but if someone rolls toward you, you should immediately roll away to keep distance between you and the enemy, retreat to an area where you can get a good shot on the player and reduce the risk of being killed with one shot.

Dont panic
If you are caught out and werent expecting to suddenly be in a battle with a player whilst holding the gnasher and there is no escape, then make sure above all else, you hit your first shot
failure to do so will probably mean you are downed and killed.

The amount of times i see players just randomly shooting walls and totally missing the opponents is crazy.
People really panic when they are caught out by suprise.

Timing your shots therefore is really important.
There is a maximum rate of fire, say one shot every 0.75 seconds or so
Just because this rate of fire exists, it doesnt mean you need to max it out everytime.

You can change your rate of fire to 1.2 seconds, and have 100% accuracy, or just change it to whenever you can make a shot. A variable fire rate is someone who is in control of what they are doing.

Only taking shots whenever you can is the best way to take down opponents and control a Gnasher battle.

Whoever gets the upper hand first will more than often come out on top, as the opponent is on the back foot.
If you hit your first shot, then if you are outside of one shot range, then you can time your second shot to ensure that you win the gnasher battle.

You should be in cover if it is possible. The only time you shouldnt be in cover, is if you have damaged an enemy and you are looking to finish them off. Keeping out of one shot distance is still important here, as doing all the damage and hard work will be pointless if you just get one shotted by the opponent.


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