Gnasher Strategy | Optimum Range of the Gnasher

gears of war ue gnasher

The Gnasher is a weapon that is very effective at short range. However you will often not hit every shot at close range.

This dillema means that players have evolved skills that help to make the opponent miss whilst playing at short range.
In order to make the opponent miss at short range players have developed skills such as moving towards a wall to take cover and immediately jump off cover to maneuver around enemies.

This focus on, getting the players to miss has been developed so much by players, that some players are extremely effective at short range, rarely missing a shot whilst evading shots in return, always looking for that one effective shot that kills the enemy.
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However, is this actually the most effcient way to take down enemies in Gears of War Ultimate Edition?
Is it always the goto strategy for every enemy you encounter?

Is there another strategy that can be used to engage with enemies, and how do we counter the threat made by enemies that rely on moving around a lot, and enemies that are getting close to you to on purpose?

This video below discusses exactly this, and addresses the Range of the Gnasher in Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

The optimum range, is in-fact not at point blank. The effort required to know where the enemy is and also shoot the enemy is very demanding on the player at close range.

At mid range, however, the player has the ability to see an enemy, and make full use of the weapon to put in accurate shots, whilst at the same time diminishing the enemies wallbounce effectiveness.

In short, this strategy aims at getting the enemy damaged, then moving back from the enemy, to ensure you do not get one shotted.

Engaging at a distance is a safer option because say you have put 3 decent shots into the enemy, at close range he only needs one to kill you, at mid range he needs 2 or 3 to kill you, whereas you need just 1.

This strategy is aimed at playing the percentages in your favour.

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We also have a follow up to this video, where there are some more examples of this play.. so check it out if you enjoyed the first part.

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