1v4 Clutch on War Machine – with Commentary


Good afternoon, or even morning. Depending on what time you are reading this awesome post that im about to share with you.

I have been messing around with the upload studio and it has been great because it enables me to create some videos pretty quickly for Gears, and bring some tutorial videos to you guys if I pick up some good gameplay clips, so expect a few more videos from GoWPortal YouTube in the coming weeks. See this link to goto the channel.

The first video id like to share with you is a 1v4 Clutch on a TDM game.

This game was on War Machine and it was a game we ended up winning after being 1-0 behind. I managed to somehow ride my luck somewhat in this clip as you will see. It is not the most beautiful or fastest clutch you will ever see, but it does show how you can stay alive against the odds and evade your way out of situations if you have a strategy (and a bit of luck!)

Apologies for the final melee kill, but it was a bit risky as Gnasher ammo was low to go in hard with the Gnasher.

Also with me, i dont rely too heavily on my Gnasher ability to take down enemies, prefering to keep my distance if possible and only engaging when an enemy makes a mistake.

Here is the clip that im going on about. Watch enjoy, and I reply to every comment on the video, even if you want to give me a load of abuse. (thats not an invitation – lol)


1v4 Clutch. More Gears of War Tips available at our YouTube Channel

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