Our own Gears of War content, produced by us for you.

Play Smart at Gears Series

This series is dedicated to helping you become a better Gears of War player. See the full series page here

Weapon Tips

These weapon tips will keep you busy perfecting your game. Each weapon offers a different requirement and a different way of thinking about the game. These tips are sure to help with exactly what is required to be a good sniper on Gears of War, and also a good Gnasher player and beyond

Player Roles

Our player roles series is a work in progress, enjoy the first one? Then help us by giving it a thumbs up to show your support for more videos


These posts detail strategic guides to the game online. Browse through and see what you can find. There is a lot in here that will keep you busy for a long time


Learn from people who are clutching it in the game. These collection of clutches on our game are the perfect gameplay clips that show how players deal with lots of of opponents at a time, utilising all the skills and having a bit of luck in order to get one over their opponent

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