Gears of War: Tactics the RTS that never was.


With Rod Ferguson recently reaching out on Twitter talking about the” exciting new projects we will be seeing at E3 this year”. We get a chance to look back at a canned Gears of War game that could see the light of day or be sealed in the E- Hole it came from.


Gears of War: Tactics was a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game much like Halo Wars that took place in the Gears of War universe at an unknown time on the Gears of War time line because it was canned by EPIC Games and was being worked on till February of 2013. The game utilized the Kinect sensor as a main game feature. An Alpha was shown with some screen shots and even some leaked gameplay of the early game.

The game was used with the Kinect and you took the role of four COG soldiers most notably Damon Baird as the player you control of squad of COG soldiersbeing attacked by a squad of Locust Drones as you control your squad you could unleash deadly Hammer of Dawn attacks as well as deadly Raven airdrops at the same time you needed to  get your squad into cover.

gowt1 Gears_Of_War__Tactics_13609486144737eholeUnknown


Not much is known about this game besides this leaked footage but it came a long way into development before it was canned and it is possible to have been a good RTS game that could compete with such RTS games like Command and Conquer, XCOM and even Halo Wars. It is possible the game was scrapped due to the acquisitions of Gears of War from EPIC Games to Black Tusk Studios that was acquired by Microsoft in early 2014. It is possible some form of this game might see the light of day with Xbox One arcade as a game even supported with Smart Glass as Halo: Spartan Assault has been doing or a mode in the up incoming Gears of War game (s). We will have to wait for E3 for news that will be taking place on June 16th to 18th.


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