Gears of War Judgment Featured in Games for Gold in April on Xbox 360!


You can right now, on Xbox 360 marketplace download Gears of War Judgment for free. Thats a saving of $20.

Gears of War Judgment was a game that did not inspire the existing fans of the Gears of War series and was seen as a step in the wrong direction of Epic games. Who seemingly wanted to create a game that was more inline with Call of Duty than Gears of War.

Who remembers when the game first released and this was the norm?

Now that the game has been released for free for April, is this an effort to try and revive the series by Microsoft who now own the rights to the game?
Maybe it might be a way to obtain a few new fans, and some people may have a good time with the game.

The game wasnt the worst game ever, dont get me wrong, the campaign was nicely polished if not short. But the multiplayer is really the pull for a lot of the fans out there and is the key to obtaining new fans.

The facts dont fail to show exactly how bad the numbers for Gears Judgment have been lately. Barely over a thousand players playing TDM on Gears Judgment. In comparison Gears of War 3 had 5,500 people playing TDM, so you get a fairly good measure of the popularity of a newer game vs the older game just from this one statistic.

So what went wrong?
They wanted to make the game grow and become a more popular choice for all gamers? Taking out downs, respawn gametypes, fast paced game. Controls changed to help new gamers.

Unfortunately, i dont think these features or changes really had the effect of inspiring a new kind of Gears of War fan very well. They were really an irritant to people who had mastered the game and its controls.

Interestingly, one of the reasons that I got into Gears was because of how difficult is was and how amazed I was to see people flying around and being able to fully control something with ease that was very difficult for a new player to do.

What this means is, the game had a steep initial learning curve. But this was the addiction and the reason why games were so good. Because pure skill came into play most of the times, and it was only once you had mastered the skills and the technique that you could move on to master the game in a team based way with strategic with decision making being at the forefront of this.

If a game is so easy to play, then there is no reason to keep playing. Chess for example is a very complicated game, almost impossible to master. It attracts a LOT of people to play it competitively. However Tic Tac Toe is very easy to master and everyone after an hour or so is pretty much of the same ability so competition is very poor in comparison.

But dont despair, because the game is now free on Xbox Live for 360!

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