Gears of War Backward Compatibility Frame Rate Tests

frame rate testing

A guy over at Digital Foundry  has been frame rate testing Gears of War on the Xbox One and discovered what some of us have been thinking about the game.

Frame Rate Test Overview

Gears of War 1

It appears as though Gears of War 1, actually performs better on the XB1 than it did on the Xbox 360! Just goes to show what having better hardware can do to your gaming experience.

The scenes where you run through rain in the campaign are not a problem anymore unlike how they used to be on the Xbox 360. And moments where you are up close and personal with enemies are likely to struggle still even on the Xbox One.

Overall the the Xbox One really works hard for the original Gears, and makes it a much better experience.

Gears of War 2

With Gears of War 2, there were improved fluid simulation, and the famous cube of meat that showed off the improvements to the graphics engine capabilities.

Overall Gears 2 is mostly holding well at 30 FPS. Its a really good place to replay the game, or take it on for the first time, without performance being an issue.


Gears of War Judgment

Gears of War Judgment, at this point in time, Epic games had acquired People Can Fly for some of the development work. When playing the game on the 360 the game holds together well at 30 FPS, through most of the campaign, and dips a little in combat heavy moments, in a similar way to Gears 1 and 2.

However when we see the game on the Xbox One Backward Compatibility, the performance issues really become something of a problem. The guy in the video labels it as

almost unplayable

because of the constant frame rate drop, which really impacts the overall experience.


Gears of War 3

In Gears of War 3, the campaign mode the Xbox 360 actually holds a better performance for frame rate.

However during Cut scenes the Xbox One handles these at a constant 30 FPS, out performing the 360. The real problem with Gears of War 3 is seen in Horde mode, where the frame rate drops to the same kind of level as Gears of War Judgment in terms of frame rate performance, which also translates to online play, where players have been complaining about the performance of the game feeling laggy.

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