Windows 10 and Xbox Gaming Press Event February 25th

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For those of you who are not aware of this, there is a Windows 10 and Xbox Gaming Press Event taking part in San Francisco at February 25. It will contain a huge variety of important information and news about many games which will or coming to Windows 10 and Xbox. As great as all of this sounds, it may also be a possibility to receive Gears of War 4 announcements.


However, any information and coverage shared in this Press Event will be under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) until March 1, meaning we will have to wait until this date for everything discussed during this Press Event to be revealed. *Credit to SASxSH4DOWZ for confirming this to me via Twitter.*





Here’s a post from John Callaham at Windows Central, an organisation of Microsoft who has been invited to the Press Event, explains about all the activities and such in more detail below:




“Microsoft has some big plans for gaming on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2016, and it wants to let the media learn more about on February 25. That’s when the company will be holding a press event to offer hands-on times with upcoming games for both platforms and share some news about their plans.

The press event will be held in San Francisco, about three weeks before the 2016 Game Developers Conference is also held in that same city. According to the invite, Microsoft will give the assembled press “the chance to hear from Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and get hands-on with the best games and platform experiences launching this spring on Xbox and Windows 10.”

That means we could get hands on time with games like the long-awaited Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, along with the upcoming Windows 10 versions of Killer Instinct and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. It’s also possible that Microsoft has some surprises up its sleeve for the event.

Windows Central has been invited to the Feb. 25 press event and we will have first-hand coverage of Microsoft’s announcements, along with hands-on time with the games that will be available to play. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the event.”


Sounds really interesting to know so please keep your eyes peeled for any Gears of War information to come via gaming sites, social media and from Microsoft and Xbox themselves etc etc. Do you think this is a good time for Xbox and The Coalition to release announcements for Gears of War 4? I believe it looks really promising.


But it’s not guaranteed so please do not be overly disappointed if there is no Gears of War 4 announcements discussed in the Press Event. It’s quite likely though we may hear about Gears of War: Ultimate Edition coming coming to PC so anything Gears of War related covered during this is a bonus!


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