Which Platform(s) will the Gears of War “projects” be Launched on?


On every single job application that Black Tusk posts on their job noticeboard we can see the following statement.

Black Tusk Studios are a Microsoft 1st party development studio located in downtown Vancouver, Canada. We are the official home of the Gears of War franchise and our objective is to forge the future of the IP and push the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms and devices. Our team is comprised of deep creative and technical expertise from our industry’s top shooter and action titles, working cohesively to delight our fan base and shatter expectations of what is possible.

This particluar section of this statement about Black Tusk says;
“our objective is to forge the future of the IP and push the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms and devices”

So lets have a look at Google For “Microsoft Entertainment Platform”

The results that come up are quite interesting.

“Microsoft: The Xbox is an entertainment platform”

“Microsoft building “Cloud TV” platform for Xbox”

One of the key findings for the Microsoft Entertainment Platform is the kind of technologies they are currently developing. Because these technologies are probably going to be utilised into the Gears of War franchise.

The list of current Microsoft Entertainment Platform technologies include;

There is also a “Microsoft Entertainment Strategy”, which uncovers a few more indicators about the direction of Gears of War and other games from Microsoft Studios.

…Microsoft’s entertainment strategy, working closely with critical partners including both internal and external premier game developers
Develop new online services and integrate services into multiple platforms
Have the opportunity to solve complex problems that allow for innovative features across multiple devices and services
Work on premier, innovative 1st party game and entertainment titles developed and published by Microsoft Studios
Be a key contributor in driving a culture of hosted services that delivers dynamic, highly personalized and social entertainment experiences..


So it is clear in my mind, when talking about platform for Gears of War that you also talk about the device too.

My vision of this is that there will be a minimum of an app that you can add in addition to your game that allows you to maybe communicate with your team mates or something special that allows a social experience with your squad.

A highly personalised and social experience could mean that you are paired with people very local to you. An Android app or iTunes app that connects your Xbox Live Account to you at all times wouldnt be a bad move by Microsoft, but then having to share this information across these competitors may be a bad move. They simply dont have enough coverage of Microsoft phones in order to compete, but maybe it could be a unique selling point to a Microsoft product.

The Microsoft Mobile Phone strategy is losing its way, but I suspect that Windows 10, may indeed be the revivial of the company as it incorporates all devices across multiple platforms.

“Microsoft officials say the company is playing the long game,” the Journal reports. “It’s pinning its hopes for mobile revival on Windows 10, the next version of its operating system, which is expected to debut later this year.”

sourece: http://bgr.com/2015/03/03/microsoft-windows-phone-strategy/

You will have to trust me on the following as the job listing has now finished as it was some time ago now. But there was a pharse on a job posting that said “telling a story across multiple platforms” for the senior story and plot line writer.

It also stated in this job posting as an “emotive experience” and the challenge being to overcome the differences in devices in order to tell a story uniquely.

We did see a Gears of War exile project that soon got taken down. This game was what appeared to be a Halo Wars / Age of Empires style game but with a Gears of War style thrown in. It was an interesting concept, and I expect that this could infact make it as a mobile phone game and would suit touch style based interaction. The fact that Rod Ferguson stated that they are working on Gears of War “projects” suggests more than one game to me, and an app or a game on a phone would make sense to me.

The chances are that a lot of the old Gears of War generation have grown up since 2007, myself included. I do not have the time to play Gears of War like i used to nowadays, so to appeal to their existing user base they are going to need to reach these people differently. I think Windows 10 may be the answer, and certainly it means that Gears of War 4 is going to be playable on a PC if we see Windows 10 launched before Gears of War 4

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