Which Gears of War 4 Characters will we see? And will there be a new Carmine?


In each game from the Gears of War Trilogy, we saw a new brother.

Anthony Carmine, from Gears of War 1
Benjamin Carmine, from Gears of War 2
Clayton Carmine, from Gears of War 3

Clayton, unlike his brothers before him was a survivor of the series, which was down to a vote by the community. You could vote to have him saved or killed. This video is a reference to exactly that time.

The question now is whether we will see a new Carmine in the new Gears of War 4.

In Gears of War Judgment, a Carmine was not included

Rob Auten discussing about the Carmine family in Gears of War: Judgment:

“…But really we felt like their story had been told. We did have an idea I liked about the family elders. Next time.”

Many of us wont know, but there is another Carmine, who is not a brother but a cousin of the Carmine family. Fredo Carmine.

So we have a A, B,C, and F. Carmine
This means we will likely see a D, and maybe an E. Carmine in future?

If so, then here are some names that we could see

Dustin Carmine
Drake Carmine
Dillon Carmine

Enzo Carmine,
Eric Carmine,
Evan Carmine

Maybe its unlikely but it will be a question that will be asked by fans at some stage, and it would be great to hear what it will become in the near future about the  different characters in Gears of War 4.

So far we only know about 3 characters who were seen in the gameplay reveal at e3.

JD – A Blonde hair Blue Eyes survivor. Unheard of before the trailer and unmentioned in any books previously.

Kait – Young women, again unheard of until this new gameplay trailer.

Pouncer – Hunting in wolfpacks, these guys look like they might cause a few scares. Quick and agile they will cause problems for players in campaign.

Will we see more recognizable characters in Gears of War 4? If so what will the link be between the storyline of Gears of War 3 to Gears of War 4? How many years after Gears 3 is Gears 4?

So many questions! Be sure to keep coming back daily to get the latest thoughts and information!


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