All Character Skins in Gears of War 4

gears of war 4 character skins

We have spent some time creating a comprehensive list of all the Character skins that are unlockable or usable in Gears of War 4. We aim to make this list as comprehensive as possible, if you feel we have missed one then please tweet us @GoWPortal

There are 84 different Character Skins playable in Gears of War 4. And likely plenty more to come in future updates.

Quite a difference between Gears of War 4 and previous Gears of War games which over the years have had more and more customised character skins available. In Gears of War 1, only a handful of characters existed. Gears 2 was somewhat similar. But When Gears of War 3 came around, along with Judgment we saw a lot more skins being created for all the different characters.

How many skins could we all want? With so much variety its hard to know which ones are the most rare, but this list can be used as a guide to show which ones might be considered rare.

RarityNameSeriesCreate costDestroy value
Rare CharacterFestive Swarm DroneFestiveN/A20
Rare CharacterFestive JDFestiveN/A20
Rare CharacterFestive KaitFestiveN/A20
Legendary CharacterZombie JDTotino'sN/AN/A
Legendary CharacterVintage KaitBetaN/AN/A
Legendary CharacterVintage MarcusCraft Only2400600
Legendary CharacterBlack Steel JDGears eSportsN/A600
Legendary CharacterBlack Steel DelGears eSportsN/A600
Legendary CharacterBlack Steel KaitGears eSportsN/A600
Legendary CharacterVintage JDSeason PassN/AN/A
Legendary CharacterVintage DelPre OrderN/AN/A
Legendary CharacterTomorrow AnyaPre OrderN/AN/A
Legendary CharacterZombie DomPre OrderN/AN/A
Legendary CharacterOld Man MarcusPre OrderN/AN/A
Legendary CharacterBlack Steel OscarGears eSportsN/A600
Legendary CharacterBlack Steel ReynaGears eSportsN/A600
Legendary CharacterZombie DelLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterDay of the Dead JDLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterNinja ShepherdLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterRed Wave ShepherdLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterShadow ShepherdLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterVintage ShepherdLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterDay of the Dead DelLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterDay of the Dead OscarLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterZombie ReynaLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterZombie KaitLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterZombie OscarLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterDay of the Dead KaitLaunch Series2400600
Legendary CharacterDay of the Dead ReynaLaunch Series2400600
Epic CharacterE-Day GearLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterSpectre Swarm SniperLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast Swarm SniperLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast DelLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterArmored MarcusLaunch SeriesN/AN/A
Epic CharacterArmored BairdLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterSpectre Swarm HunterLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterScionLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast ShepherdLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterArmored ScionLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterOutsider DelLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterScion EliteLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterOutsider KaitLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterV-Day GearLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterCommando DomLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterE-Day AnyaLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterDR-1 ProtectorLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterArmored HoffmanLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterE-Day MinhLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterCommando HoffmanLaunch Series600150
Epic characterColor Blast OscarLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterDress Uniform HoffmanLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast ReynaLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterE-Day HoffmanLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterDress Uniform ColeLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterDeadeyeLaunch series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast Swarm HunterLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterOutsider ReynaLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterE-Day Gear (2)Launch Series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast JDLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterArmored ColeLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterOutsider JDLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast Swarm DroneLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterDress Unifom SamLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterArmored SamLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterSpectre Swarm DroneLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterShepherdLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast Elite DroneLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast KaitLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterV-Day GearLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterSpectre Swarm GrenadierLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterColor Blast Swarm GrenadierLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterSwarm ImagoLaunch Series600150
Epic CharacterSpectre Elite DroneLaunch Series600150
Common StarterSwarm HunterStarterN/AN/A
Common StarterArmored KaitStarterN/AN/A
Common StarterSwarm GrenadierStarterN/AN/A
Common StarterArmored JDStarterN/AN/A
Common StarterOutsider OscarStarterN/AN/A
Common StarterSwarm SniperStarterN/AN/A
Common StarterSwarm DroneStarterN/AN/A
Common StarterArmored DelStarterN/AN/A
Common StarterElite DroneStarterN/AN/A


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