Does Something Really Need To Be Done About Map Rotation?


The maps in Gears of War 4 are on rotation, which has resulted in a few discussions to appear about what the best thing to do to resolve some issues would be.

It is not an ideal situation we seem to find ourselves in, where often a small pool of maps results in little variety in matches at the moment.

It would be a good idea to have a re think about what the best thing to do might be, as currently a lot of people are unhappy about this situation.

A few ideas have been pitched on messageboards, and we have selected some of the key points to run through.


  • Not every map should be in every gamemode, some were built or simply work better for other modes. But to have them removed entirely from matchmaking is so stupid.

This is a big point. There are game modes for example that some would argue are not as enjoyable on massively different game modes. KoTH and Warzone for example being two different game modes. Or even KoTH and TDM.

On these modes, on maps like Drydock, its generally not a great map for TDM, as if a team can spread out on the high structure and grab the sniper too, it can be near on impossible for the spawning team to get a foothold back into the round.

However on Warzone/Execution it works really well on this map, and the constant new rounds help the gameplay, and help with the new chapter; new situation gameplay, which is what created that original Gears of War online atmosphere experienced in the original game.

So with this in mind, can you think of other game types and maps that are better suited for this kind of application?

This would complicate things if combined with the below point.


  • In Gears of War 1 you could choose matches based on the gamemode and the map. It would be great to aboloish gamemode playlists alltogether and select “preferences” instead, and matchmake on those global preferences.

So one example of this would be the game Rocket League. You can select maps, game modes you want to matchmake for from a list. You simply use the tick boxes to select… “ok i want to play either a 1v1, or a 2v2. I want to play this map, this map and this map only. Any of these combinations suits me fine.”

This would be a big change, but effectively resolve all problems encountered with limiting maps, limiting populations in playlists (especially on PC), making achievements difficult to obtain becasue no matches can be found (Warzone for example, my personal fav)

Battlefield’s server browser is basically that. You can select individual maps and modes to show up or group the maps based on the DLC and stuff, there’s even options for the amount of players in lobbies.

Another great example that Gears could take from is Titanfall 2’s Mixtapes. They allow you to choose what game modes you play in matchmaking and if the map is supported, then it’d show up with those game modes.

No option for what maps you’d like to play but it’s still a great addition


  • Map Fatigue is real with Rotation. Season Pass is useless.

Many players agree that playing the same maps over and over is not fun, espeically when there are so many that were announced to us that said would be available to us. It seems that priority over map rotation (that nobody really wants) is contributing to misery for a lot of players.

Something needs to change! Especially as it was recently announced there will be no more Campaign content DLC as part of the Season Pass. More reason to feel disgruntled by the SP for many! 🙁


Maybe you disagree with opinions spoken here. If so we want to hear about it!

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