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On March 9th, Game Informer released a video with Benjamin Reeves; Senior Editor at Game Informer and Studio Head of The Coalition Rod Fergusson. They had a rapid-fire 105 Questions and Answers Interview regarding about Gears of War’s past, present and future. Many, many topics were covered during the process and in quite a comedic way.





Here’s the video of the Interview (Credit to Ess Rawr for the video):



As you have watched, a huge variety of information has been covered! Here’s a small list of very important details which were discussed:

  1. Campaign will be 1080p 30FPS.
  2. Multiplayer will be 1080p 60FPS.
  3. Locust will not be in Gears of War 4.
  4. Gears of War 4 will “Possibly” be on PC.
  5. Gears of War 4 will NOT be a Survival Horror game.
  6. The Carmine Dynasty lives on.
  7. There’s no squad name (yet) for JD’s squad.
  8. There’s 3 playable characters (Campaign).
  9. Campaign will be 2-Player Co-Op.
  10. Gears of War 4’s Control Scheme will be based on Gears of War 3’s Control Scheme.


UPDATE: Full transcript of the Interview is below. Have fun reading it all! [SOURCE] of transcript.

(Credit to I BChaps I and II JessLL II for providing the transcript).


Are you a good sport?
– Yes.

Are fans gonna be cool with this?
– Yes.

Does Thrashball still exist?
– Kinda.

Is the hammer of dawn still floating around
– The satellite, yes.
– Targeting reticle, potentially.

Is there a name for the new squad?
– No.

How many playable characters in the game
– 3.

2 Player CoOp – offline/Online?
– Yes.

What do my other 2 friends do?
– Watch.

1080p 30fts?
– Campaign.

– 60 FPS.

Are controls based on 3 or Judgment
– 3.

Could JD, Kait, and Del just leave Sera and call it good?
– No.

Sup *****?
– Dom’s catchphrase.

Did you remove all waist-high cover?
– No.

Do enemies come from underground?
– Sometimes.

Do they fall from the sky?
– No.

Do they come at you sideways?
– Yes.

Will there be more enemies than the dog-like things from E3?
– Yes.

Do enemies use lancers?
– Yes.

Will all MP stuff in the game be good?
– Obviously.

How is Ice T?
– Cool.

How did you make this game?
– With our bare hands.

Will you expand beyond Greek mythology?
– Rod just laughs.

Are there still curbstomps?
– Obviously.

Do you ever fight locust in this game?
– No.

Is Jack back?
– No.

What’s his deal?
– Robot.

Have you ever used a chainsaw?
– Yes.

On a person?
– No.

Will we see daylight in GoW4?
– You start and end in daylight.

Is there any imulsion left on Sera?
– No.

Do we know Del’s parents?
– No.

Does Judgment count?
– Yes.

Any chance of GoW4 PC?
– Possibly?

Will GoW4 have the best wind in gaming?
– Hope so.

Does Kait have a sister?
– Negative space.

Would you call GoW4 a survival horror game?
– No.

A platformer?
– No, nor a racer nor fighter.

Is it still a video game?
– Still a video game.

Why do they run like that?
– because they’re being shot at.

So they don’t’ have to go to the bathroom?
– I didn’t say that…but they’re also being shot at.

Will the campaign be longer than GoW1?
– Depends on difficulty.

On Normal?
– Potentially.

Is the Carmine Dynasty still going strong?
– the Carmine Dynasty lives on.

Does Carmine have a sister?
– Negative space.

How do those guns stick to their back?
– The same way you carry all of you inventory in your ass in an RPG.

– Laughs, yeah, exactly.

Is that GoW movie ever going to happen?
– I wish.

Was it Marcus Fenix?
– As opposed to?…

Are you sick of all of the jokes about these games being brown?
– Yes.

Does Cole Trin say, “Woooo” because Rick Flare (sp*) is from NC where Epic is based?
– No, he says that because Cole Train runs on whole grain.

And because he’s a train
– Which always runs on time.

Do you miss working with Cliffy?
– Yes.

Did you ever actually call him Dude Huge?
– No.

Remember Keelee’s (sp*) making of GoW video from 2005?
– I do.

Did you watch it?
– I have.

Do you miss those days?
– Those days were fun.

Do you remember Dom?
– Yeah.

Is GoW4 gonna be funny?
– I hope so.

Would you describe JD as a badass?
– in training.

How many real wars have been faught with chainsaws?
– that’s a terrible way to fight.

What does Dom Curious mean?
– it means you’ve played 3 chapters as Dom. I wrote the achievement, I should knkow what it is…

What is that Pun?
– Either princess brid references or sexual innuendos generally (then lists a few).

Is the Swarm a unified army?
– No, they don’t all follow dress code.

Why don’t they just build a wall? 
– What are you Trump now?

You can make them pay for it.
– With what? Swarm dollars?

Why don’t more games rip-off active reload? 
– They should.

But why? 
– Sweeney meters are hard?

Remember that time you worked for 2K? 
– Yes, briefly.

Overrun mode in Judgment was kinda underrated, wasn’t it? 
– I see what you did there, and yes.

Is gore funny? 
– Tried to make it…

I’m talking about Al Gore. 
– Oh! Then no.

What’s your favorite multiplayer map from Gears of War? 
– Checkout

What’s the best game ever made? 
– Chess?

Who wants toast? 
– Anyone with a flamethrower.

How much of the population was alive at the end of Gears of War 3? 
– Hundreds of thousands.

Are the Stranded still on Sera? 
– Yes, but not as Stranded.

If you could summarize Gears of War 4 in one word, what would it be? 
– Tense.

Are the dreams in which you’re dying the best you’ve ever had? 
– It’s a mad, mad world.

So does Gears of War take place in our universe or an alternate reality situation? 
– Alternate reality.

Is one of the new features in Gears of War 4 necks? 
– Yes, and full sized testicles.

Will Gears of War 4 have a lot of jump scares? 
– There will be some.

What’s the best food? 
– Poutine

Do you guys know how much people like Horde mode? 
– Yes.

Will the game have over 5 cameos from previous games? 
– No?

Has Kurt seen Wizard of Oz? 
– Has Kirk seen the Wizard of Oz?

– Kurt, who’s Kurt?

How much did Microsoft pay for Gears of War? Was there an 8 in it? 
– I’m sure there was an 8 and at least 1 zero.

– It was on the shelf for a while.
Were you spired by 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand? 
– I was actually.

– I like it, I actually played it through.

War, what is it good for? 
– I don’t know but it never changes.

Is JD short for Juan Dom? 
– No.

*Plays Cole Train Rap* 
– Cole Train rap… great song.

So JD is Marcus’s son, do we know the mother? 
– No.

Not personally? 
– Not at the biblical level.

Does Marcus know? 
– Clearly.

How often are you forced to walk and talk in this game. 
– As often as we need to get story across.

You guys are still doing story? 
– Dabbling.

In the dark labyrinth level of the Gears of War remaster, why was there Fenix brand peanut butter in the kitchen? 
– Nutty artists.

Did the Locust kinda have a point? 
– Sure.

Does Gears of War 4 end with Marcus joining the fight? 
– No.

Are you all going to pull this off? 
– We’re still talking about Gears of War 4, right?

Are you going to pull this off?
– Yes.

Are you guys hitting holiday 2016? 
– We’re hitting fall 2016.

So what you we doing tomorrow? 
– Going back to work.


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