Poll: What will the name of the new Gears of War game be called?


Below is a handful of polls that make it easy for us to assess what the overall perception of the new Gears of War game will be following the leak of the Gears of War Beta.

Please ensure that you take a look at the most recent and latest Gears of War News to ensure that you are aware of all the facts surrounding a Remastered Gears of War, before casting your vote on what you think will be announced!

The case for the Ultimate Edition of the game is very exciting, because a game entitled Ultimate can only suggest all, and everything from the trilogy. Exciting also as the source of this leak is from a Government website source, and Brazil is a very popular country for Gears of War and the leak of this name should be taken very seriously.

The name of the new Gears of War game has been rumoured to be Gears of War: Ultimate Edition as it appeared as this below on a Brazilian website,
gears of war ultimate edition leakonly to removed a few days later..

Interestingly, there was a famous retweet by Phil Spencer that suggests a full on Ultimate collection!
gears of war ultimate edition evidence

The Gears of War beta video gameplay, which can be found here and here suggests a Gears of War 1 remake, and doesnt suggest that there will be a 2 or 3 involved.

So what is your view? What do you think there will be come 27 days time at current time of this article being written?

What name best resembles the next Gears of War game if it is to be announced at e3?

Gears of War Ultimate Edition
Gears of War Remastered Edition
Other name

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When will the Next Gears of War game be Released?

in 2015
in 2016

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