Poll: 4v4 or 5v5 for the new Gears of War Remastered edition?

gears main menu
looks like Gears 3 menus with 4v4

Before taking the poll, please read the post to ensure you are aware of all the reasons to go with 4v4 or 5v5 in Gears of War.

Why is 5v5 in Gears of War a good/bad thing?

  • Creates more opportunities to kill others
  • Causes lots of chaos and can add a lot of fun to each game
  • Harder to organise your teams and the roles of each player
  • Creates more competition for power weapons
  • Is more difficult to create an organised team with more chaos, more to take into account
  • Easier to find others to kill/Easier to get killed
  • More densely populated maps
  • More a reaction shooter game, less of a decision based strategic team based game.

Why is 4v4 in Gears of War a good/bad thing?

  • Easier to get a full team together
  • Harder to find kills, harder to be killed
  • Easier to communicate as just 4 players
  • Existing regular teams of 5 may struggle to get numbers
  • Promotes better team based play with less numbers to manage
  • Less kills per match, not as exciting, but maybe each kill is more satisfying?
  • Less chaos and more structure within matches.
  • Not as easy for individuals to overpower teams

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4v4 or 5v5 in Gears of War Remastered Edition?

4v4 only
5v5 only

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