[Opinion] Gears of War 4 Ranking System | What they should do!

gears of war 4 ranking system

You might have already seen our post about the Gears of War Ranking System.
If not check it out as it does a decent job of explaining the ranking system to help you understand and help you rank up and not to really get to worried about it in the Gears of War 4 Beta!

Personal opinion on what they should do!…

I have always been someone that often plays on their own, and tries to fit in with a team of randoms and see how I can try and change the outcome of the match in my favor as much as possible.

Supporting my team and adding fuel to the fire of my team is how I play the game!


Thats just because really I never know when im going to have time to play these days, and especially since having kids etc.

My idea, is something that adds a bit more to the ranking system, where you get a rank for your party size.

So lets say, solo TDM, i have a rank for that.

I have a rank for a party size 2 in TDM

A rank for party size 3,

A rank for party size 4, and 5. All in one game type.

Then you might think, “jeeeeezus thats a lot of ranks you can be and a lot of faffing around in menus trying to understand your progress…”

but to be honest, i dont believe it has to be. I have made a graphic below to show how it could be done


This is simply an illustration of the concept.

Rather than something that you are supposed to hang up on your wall and pray to every night.







Reasons why this ranking system separation of party size is actually a good idea;

  • The game is very different depending on your party size! I think everyone is aware of that!
  • On your own, is a COMPLETELY different game compared to a team of any size.
  • With someone else by your side and communicating together effectively you can dominate sections of the map, this goes up as you have a larger party and people have a role within the team.
  • The more people who are in your party, who have mics the more control you can create on the map and ultimately have a higher chance of winning the match.
  • For the ranking system to make any sense, and for it to mean something is very important. In Gears of War its really hard to know if you are doing well, or you are not doing so well sometimes.
  • Being able to see where you are going wrong is possible by looking at how you perform in various party sizes. If you suck when going solo this is directly related to others who are also going solo… so despite your MAJOR disadvantage in party size, you suddenly have a level playing field on which your rank will mean something!
  • Its now down to you to perform and try your best to get the win and support your team as best you can!
  • The same for party size 2, how can your team of 2 make an impact and win the match?
  • This would help you figure out how to work as a team effecitvely and learn from each other. Helping devise strategies that work, and help you always strive to improve your performance!



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