Latest Gears 4 Reveals + Dev Blog


So, the latest little titbits about gears 4 come in the form of a multiplayer map reveal, another look at some of the new weapons being used in multiplayer, and yet more glimpses at the campaign.


IGN have given us our first look at “Reclaimed”. A bright (dare I say innocent looking?) map, it certainly one of the prettiest maps seen so far, appearing to be old man Marcus Fenix’s farm. It shares many resemblances to gears of war 3’s mercy in both appearance and lay out. Most notably the elevated horseshoe area at the back of the map that overlooks much of the map, containing 2 alternating heavy weapons (trishot/buzzkill). For this area is a ‘key control point’.

On the opposite end of the map, like mercy, lies a building that provides shelter from these weapons, where the EMBAR can be found. Effectively being a reworked breachshot with something of a ‘cool down’ between each shot, the EMBAR is presumably intended to balance the map and counter the buzzkill/trishot. Additionally, the trishot execution was shown off; it was quite the stomach churner, if you know what I mean…



The dev blog

The Coalition released a dev blog, talks mostly about the new score for the latest to the franchise while showing us a few interesting clips of the campaign. Most significantly, a clip from what appears to be from the pendulum war era. A young Victor Hoffman is seen, walking with Dom Santiago. This will be good news to many, as a pendulum wars game has been highly requested on the gears of war forums. It has also been something of a hot topic, as many people agree that a game with out locust (or just, crusty, disfigured humanoid monsters) just isn’t gears. But now we have a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds!





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