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Game Informer has shared more Gears of War 4 news with us today but this is like a summary. Explaining about various parts of Gears of War 4 via screenshots. They go really deep into the surroundings, environment and more in great detail. Check out all the images in this post:




The image shown above is in an old but creepy church. The setting was broadcast in the E3 2015 gameplay of Gears of War 4. It visualizes the horror genre a lot and to be frank, some people could be afraid approaching this part of the Campaign. There’s no telling what surprises lurk in the darkness so keep a lookout at all times. It may aid your own survival.




What Gears of War 4 has been really pushing for is a severe weather anomaly. In the image above, those are windflares and they frequently feature through-out the Gears of War 4 Campaign. The volatile effects of windflares can not only be incredibly dangerous to you but your opponents as well. Explained in the GI article, you can shoot signs/barricades holding heavy objects such as cars in places, sending them flying to the enemy. This is such an invigorating twist into the Campaign as you need to be careful of anything as well as the enemy.




Now onto the Swarm. In the image, this is a Juvie. They don’t stand a chance on their own but they are super fast. But do not take them on when they are grouped up as they overwhelm your position. These are Wretch-like counterparts prior to the Locust as they can be tricky to deal when they have high numbers.




Introduced to Gears of War for the first time, all players now carry a Combat Knife, which can used to be perform a variety of nasty executions depending where your character is standing near a dazed enemy. Ideally, it’s used for stealth kills because let’s face it, a knife is excellent in situations you want to slip by. It’ll be a blast to try out every single execution the Combat Knife has in its arsenal.




The kick JD is performing in the image above is not called the Mantle Kick but instead renamed to Vault Kick, a similarity to Gears of War counterpart of Mantle Kick. One of The Coalition’s primary objectives is to utilise cover combat and make it as exciting as it possibly can. When performing a Vault Kick, it’ll stun the enemy, leaving him wide open to be executed. So watch out and make sure you don’t get kicked!


More incoming Gears of War 4 news will be due to arrive on March 14th. And it’s what most if not all have been waiting for: Multiplayer news! Please make sure you are following @gameinformer on Twitter so you can be ready to read anything they are covering. Rest ensured, everything Gears of War 4 will be covered on @GoWPortal in case you miss anything. Stay tuned!


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