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Game informer released an article today containing 12 interesting facts of Multiplayer for Gears of War 4. It’s mainly little pieces and such and nothing completely overwhelming. Some points are really interesting what Game Informer has revealed. I won’t specify all the facts but I’ll highlight the most relevant ones.


Multiplayer focus will be bigger this time:

I’m intrigued to know what they mean by this. At the start of Gears of War 1, Epic and co. have always been determined bringing out an unique campaign experience for everyone but not focussing a whole lot on the MP side. This day and age, it’s all about MP now and it’s really awesome to know The Coalition will now put more of their energy towards MP. I’m sure anyone reading this will be glad to know this is happening for Gears 4.


Will Horde Mode ever return for Gears of War 4:

Well there’s a high demand for Horde Mode as most people, including myself enjoy playing Horde with friends. I think The Coalition will implement it but at this moment, nothing much has been announced yet. What kind of features would you be interested in Horde Mode in Gears 4? There’s tons of ways it can be customised.


Multiplayer is still Humans vs Monsters:

I’m thrilled to know this is back in Gears of War as probably some people didn’t enjoy Judgment with Human vs Humans. What’s going to be really interesting the variety of monsters you can play on the Swarm side. What you do you guys think? Do you have an idea the horrifying creatures or the heroic humans we could play as?



Combat knifes for each faction:


Wow these knives look so cool! I was wondering why characters on Gears had knifes on their armour but never used them. Purely there for a more military look. I only hope you can only use the knives just for executions only and not running around holding it. How do you feel with the introduction of knives in Gears? Do you believe it’ll improve the flow of gameplay?


Multiplayer will run on 60 fps and will have its own dedicated servers:

This was to be expected on Gears 4 after Gears Ultimate Edition. Believe it or not, Gears Ultimate Edition was the first ever game I tried in 60 fps and let’s just say, I can never go back to 30 fps ever again. So smooth and made gameplay that much more better. How was your first experience playing Gears Ultimate Edition in 60 fps? Do you feel the same as me after playing it?


Balance is important to The Coalition:

I actually love this sound of this new takedown system. Having the ability to counter your opponents’ executions is something that has been requested for partly from the community. It’s not necessary Call of Duty in my opinion but I believe it’s for the better to continue Gears going forward. Do you have any suggestions for improving the balance on Gears 4?


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Want to read Game Informer’s article about the whole list of facts on MP? You can do so here: Game Informer MP Reveal


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