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Game Informer released an article today explaining all of the 5 major characters who will be in Gears of War 4. Since I’ve covered JD, Kait and Del already in this post [HERE] , I will be offering my own opinion on the two other characters who were mentioned in the article.




Here we have Oscar Diaz, who is Kait’s uncle and Renya’s brother-in-law. He’s a fierce but open-minded soldier who has a deep passion of drinking wine and women. However, he has a major dislike for JD and Del for abandoning their duties as soldiers in the COG. JD, Kait and Del requests Oscar’s help to search for missing villagers the Swarm has taken. Unfortunately, Oscar got kidnapped by an unknown creature. His fate is yet to be revealed.


And on a side note, Oscar’s voice actor is not revealed at this stage.


I like the sound of Oscar. He’s similar to a father figure type of our three main heroes, making sure they are on the path to ensure they do the right thing.  What do you think of Oscar? And what’s more, could he be dead or alive? Hopefully mo




This is Reyna, who is Kait’s mother and the leader of an Outsider’s village. She’s not to be trifled with and after her husband died, she assumed the role as leader. Any new members of the Outsiders wanting to help and defend them, she counts on Oscar to train them up. She allows JD, Kait and Del to stay with the Outsiders after they alert her of an impending attack from the COG as a result of Outsider’s raids to COG’s bases. She too, along with most of villagers, are kidnapped by the Swarm.


Again, like Oscar, her voice actor was not revealed at this present time.


Renya is another interesting character. I believe she’ll play a vital role in Gears of War 4 like Prescott did in Gears of War 3 when he disclosed valuable information to Marcus about Azura. What opinions do you have about Renya? Basing on previous leaders from other Gears games, do you think she can match Hoffman’s leadership?


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