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gears of war 4 elite controller

Hello GearsFam how are we all doing today,… Good you say,… Well, its about to get AWESOME!

Now then. At 5.30 BST on Monday the 13th of June, thousands of us stopped what we were doing, grabbed our phones, tablets or whatever device Twitch is on and became entranced by what was bestowed upon our eyes and ears as we watched what unfolded at E32016. Some of you were so excited for this year’s Expo that you recorded your reaction videos on YouTube and for this, we thank you! It’s great to see the hype that surrounds these events so please, if you have one or a favourite you have seen,… let us know.

Needless to say but we will anyway, Microsoft were on FIRE with their line up this year as they unveiled the future of Xbox in all it’s glory when Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox took to the stage and kicked off the event. We saw the ‘Xbox One S’, an intro into the massive power of 2017’s launch of Project Scorpio and a line up of games that left us glued to our screens.

Gears of War 4 was that reason for you tuning in wasn’t it? It’s okay… it was ours too!

It was incredible to see Rod Fergusson walk on stage alongside voice actress Laura Bailey and play out the co-op campaign in true, Gears of War fashion! We saw so much but so little that it drives our thirst for more but what we saw, we liked! Enough now though,… Lets see this badass swag I am supposed to be talking about!


Welcome to the rare, exclusive Gears of War 4 Elite Controller! It is insanely gorgeous

Lets take a closer look…

So lets just review what we know and what we can see…
• Featuring a gritty, battle-weathered design
• An arsenal of swappable components
• Hair Trigger Locks
• An exclusive in-game item

• Three Gear Packs

Nice right?! YEAH it is and it sounds awesome too!

As you can see it bears the mark of the Swarm straight across the mid section of the controller. It has a custom designed d-pad similar to that of the exclusive E32015 version for the standard Elite controller that were given out if you visited the Gears of War area and tried the Ultimate Edition beta and the Elite controller

It was mentioned in a live chat with Rod that underneath the D-pad there is a quote ‘Grub Killer’. There are however no images available of this yet!

There is also no mention of what the in-game item is either so yet again, The Coalition are teasing us and you will have to wait until either this is announced, leaked, written about or until you get your own hands on the controller.

Need this in your life? Yeah I think we all do but these are extremely limited and may be sold out very quickly so lets help you get pre-ordered.

NOTE: they may already be sold out so fingers crossed for you

  • Depending on your country, visit your Microsoft store, European residents, click here

There is NO cost for the pre-order at the Microsoft store as the payment will be taken when the controller is released.

  • Visit here

GAME required full payment of £159.99 at checkout so if you have the money, PAY it and secure your controller.


Run to your nearest GAME outlet and pre-order in store. I was tweeted by my local GAME store and told it was £10.00 deposit and their stock will be extremely limited to a couple of controllers per store so GO GO GO and good luck!

We haven’t seen any other retailers announcing them yet so if these options have expired, get in touch with your nearest or favourite retailer. If you know of any that have the Elite available for preorder, let us know so we can share this information with the community.

(shout out to our friend James Hollern @jamieBAWSOOT for letting us know about the MS store pre-order aspects)

We are going to leave it here as we cannot imagine anyone not leaving and trying to jump on the pre-order hype train so before we go, here are a few more images of the AWESOME Elite controller to get you excited!

Stay tuned and check back as our team are writing up more from E32016 and you won’t want to miss this coverage!

Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon

Ben | @CaLL_Me_CEO



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