Gears of War 4 Release Date and Cover Art – GI Podcast with Rod Fergusson


At the start of today, Studio Head of The Coalition Rod Fergusson was tweeting over Twitter using the hashtag #noreason. This was a similar case to the last time it happened, which was #SOON around March and that turned out that Game Informer will be publishing Gears of War 4 news. What could have Rod meant by #noreason? Was he in one of his funny moods or could another exciting announcement be ready to be revealed?


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When the countdown reached zero, The Coalition announced a release date for Gears of War 4 at October 11th! Not only that, they also revealed the cover art which will be used on all physical copies of Gears of War 4! It’s so super awesome and got to compliment them over the wicked design overall! What do you think of the cover art? Any alterations you think could be made or is it perfect?




In my honest opinion, the release date could not be better scheduled. It’s a number of weeks from other potential massive releases of other franchises, giving Gears of War 4 the spotlight for a good while at least. As it’s under 6 months after the Gears of War 4 Beta, this gives the sense The Coalition are confident of the game. What I mean by this, they can tweak all the major and critical issues raised by players and fully polish the game before October 11th. Obviously, like all of you, I truly believe they can do it in the time they will have left.



If you haven’t watched it yet, The Game Informer Show did a podcast with Rod Fergusson answering questions asked by the community. This is the last of Game Informer’s coverage of Gears of War 4. Give it a watch and let us know your thoughts! Surprisingly, one of my questions was asked during the podcast, which I was over the moon for!


As we now have a release date of Gears of War 4, I think this might be a good idea to discuss any ideas that The Coalition could include in a Collector’s Edition or a bundle for Gears of War 4. I made a thread on the Gears of War forums about it. Share your thoughts there, comment here or you can reach me over Twitter.


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A quick reminder, the deadline to qualify for the Gears of War 4 Beta is almost here! Be sure to sign onto Xbox Live and play Gears of War: Ultimate Edition by April 11th to be eligible! Tell all your friends before it’s too late! For the chance to have to play the Gears of War 4 Beta a week early, this is not an opportunity to be missed!


If you are an Amazon customer, Gears of War: Ultimate is on sale. Head over to Amazon and get a copy cheap. Click on the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition image to be taken to a link on the UK website of Amazon. £10 for a copy of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and to have early access on the Gears of War 4 Beta is… well, an unbeatable bargain!



Missed out on any coverage from Game Informer? You can view their Hub here with all the exclusive content they covered on Gears of War 4:


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