Gears of War 4 New Ranking System details

gears of war 4 ranking system

The Gears of War 4 Ranking system is part of a system called “Elo Rating System”

This is a method of calculating relative skill levels of players in pvp games. Originally from the game chess, it comes from its creator Arpad Elo who was a Hungarian American physics professor.

Essentially: The difference between 2 players score serves as a predictor for the outcome of the match.

  • So if a player plays against another player of equal ability, then you would expect them to share an equal amount of wins in Gears of War.
  • If one player is on a Gold Medal for TDM, then you would expect if they played another player who is on Bronze, then the Gold Medal person would win MOST of the time.

A players Elo rating is represented by a number which increases or decreases depending on the outcome of games between rated players.

So if you are a new player to the game, then you will have a blank slate. you will likely not affect the other players ranking so much, but your own will be effected dramatically in the initial ranking stages of the game.

Its all about Wins

What is important to address is the score system in Gears of War. After a game of chess, the Elo rating system will not care about what happened in the game except for the number of matches/rounds played between opponents. It does not track whether the player took the other persons Queen early in the game, or If there were 5 checks for player 1 and just 1 for player 2.

Likewise in Gears of War 4, the system does not care if you got 20 headshots in that game, and 10 executions. It just looks at the match outcome.

It is about winning each round/match only

(so forget about K/D if you want to have a good rank!)


Q. But Gears of War is a TEAM game.. so how do i rank up as a team?

It works a bit like this, this is as much as we know…

A typical match might look like this.

ranking system

imagine the above situation where, there are two teams set up against each other, one is comprised of what the system would say are decent players
(they might be around the gold level for example) the numbers are just example numbers!


The Key information in terms of Ranking is the Difference between the team totals.

Now according to the Elo Rating System we will be looking at the difference between the numbers to find out what rank the teams are.

gears of war ranking system prediction
Gears of War 4 ranking system prediction


But as we know, in Gears of War the favourite team for the game doesnt always win. So who does?


Improve your rank by upsetting the odds

In this case we can see what will happen to the player rankings if the outcome is not expected.

possible outcomes
the outcome of the game might be different to what the system predicts

you can see that the only dramatic change to a rank can be attained by significant results where your team are upsetting the odds, or losing a game you really should have won.


How to Rank up in Gears of War 4 Multiplayer?


  • Learn from Pro players and Experienced players.
    There are tons of guides out there, and gameplay videos of some top players in this game, and dont be afraid to get stuck into the best tutorials and tips for Gears of War 4, which can be found right here on our website!
  • The importance of Teamwork
    Throughout the matches of Gears of War 4 you might decide that working as a team is probably the best way to roll. The sooner you realise this the better games you will have.
  • Be the best by playing against the best! – By putting yourself up against top competition you will likely get the occasional win that will boost your rank.  So if you see a team of top ranked players by their medals, dont be afraid to battle against them. Just suck it up and be ready to learn as much as you can.

In Game Tips and Tricks

  • Stick with your team mates almost all the time. When you die, respawn and goto your teammates.
  • Be a nuisance to your opponent. This game isnt about getting kills, its about getting the win.
  • Support your team with every battle, add an additional angle to ensure they get total control of ever situation they encounter.
  • Be the glue that keeps your team together.
  • Use a smoke grenade to tag behind you to cover your flank, and be wary of it going off.
  • If your opponent has the sniper then let your team know, it is important to not stand around or hold LT when it is in range.
  • Spot enemies ALL THE TIME. When you are shooting someone with a lancer you can constantly fire whilst tapping the LT stick down.
  • Watch out for rushing enemies, they make easy kills if you can be aware of them, but you can easily die if you are not.
  • Question why you died everytime, what did you do that made yourself a target?
    • Do you find yourself going alone a lot of the time?
    • Are you flanking all the time and enemies are expecting it?
    • Did you give up your life for a good reason? (protecting a power weapon, or reviving a team mate, adding damage to key enemy)
    • Are you timing your shots correctly?
    • Are you panicking a little?
    • Are you getting annoyed?
  • COMMUNICATION – This has got to be the most over looked thing, so many people dont use their headset. Dont have one? Get one! You will be at a huge advantage just be joining in with the chat and knowing they have certain weapons.

What we dont know about the Gears of War 4 Ranking system.

People have reported they have moved ranks without playing a game. Overnight or a few days later they find that they have a different rank now.
This could be because those people that they previously beat have now gone down in the ranks, which in relative terms would mean that you get a rise because of their performance. However this wouldnt really make sense, as each player would have a historic record of numbers rather than just one number that keeps changing.

If this is true, then the system is a bit more complicated than we are aware, and there is a lot of dynamic numbers associated with your individual profile that are changing all the while. Or… maybe its just because the system has updated everyday with the new ranks rather than right away?

Basically we dont know the inner workings here enough to know whats going on, but we will find out for you!

When does the system update your rank?
Some people have reported their ranks change overnight, whereas some people say they have updated after a match. we will try our best to determine what is going on here, in this post on reddit.

What effect does quitting have on your rank?
From my own perspective, its actually a positive thing to quit games in terms of your rank.

One guy I know has Onyx and Diamond ranks on two different accounts on his Xbox. He is a good player but in 3 matches i played with him he quit out of 2, and whenever i have played with him in the past I noticed he quits A LOT.

So with this one example in mind currently quitting seems to have a positive effect, although this maybe wrong.. but one thing we know is that THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE IF ITS TRUE!

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  1. There is a small issue with the Ranking System in the BETA. Since I got ranked in Gold 1 (no idea if that’s close to either Onyx or Silver) I no longer find any matches. :/

    • Hey man, this happens to me on gears and other games. It’s something weird but not to do with ranking system. It’s the console itself.

      If you go to your console, turn it off. Make sure it’s stopped making a noise, then pull the power cable at the back.

      Wait ten seconds at least.

      Put it back in, turn it on.

      The cache should now be clear. If you restart gears by closing it and then opening it again, it will find you a match. Let me know if it works!


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