Gears of War 4 Important Updates April 12th -14th


During the last couple of days, The Coalition have announced a gallon-load of information and two cool new features on their official forums which I will explain all about here. Trust me, you guys are going to love all of this so be prepared for all the awesomeness The Coalition has got in store for us!




The Coalition Army

The first of the two exciting features The Coalition has revealed is the The Coalition Army, a program solely meant for Content Creators and providing more support to help with their YouTube, Twitch, cosplaying and much more! As well as the benefits of all this, TCA members have the exclusivity posting in a sub-section of the forums. You can create a thread and display all your awesome content to other TCA members and sharing creativity together!


If you would like to enlist in the TCA, click the link here with more info and leading to sign-up:




Gears Feedback Program

The second feature released at the same time as the TCA initiative is the Gears Feedback Program. Some of you may be wondering “Hmm how can I submit feedback back to The Coalition?” Well I’ll tell you. They will send you surveys to complete, maybe requests for Skype interviews or even live playtests! Sounds really exciting, doesn’t it? I’m just astounded to know we actually have an official method of giving feedback to The Coalition directly! At any time for both programs, you can opt in and out. It’s entirely up to you.


Want to know more about the Gears Feedback Program? Check it out here for more info:


beta gears of war 4



We’re not done yet! The Coalition has also revealed very important information about the Gears 4 Beta. Preferably you can read the thread here by PezRadar but I’ll point out the need-to-know info. Distribution of Gears 4 Beta keys will be distributed via Xbox Live Message and will in terms of chronological order. What this means is, players who played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition at day one (August 25th 2015) will most likely receive their codes first whereas others who have played near as April 11th will receive theirs last.




It gets better, TC will be hosting a live stream on Friday 15th April where devs will play the Gears 4 Beta with also some special guests playing too. During the live stream, they will give away lots of early access keys, giving everyone the opportunity to play the Beta 3 days early before early access week from the 18th starts! This just sounds incredibly amazing and so please tune in! Tune in on Friday 15th April at!

Live stream starts at 10.30AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 6PM BST. See you all there!




Gears 4 Beta Rewards

We have confirmation we can earn exclusive Beta rewards in the Gears 4 Beta for the full game releasing at October 11th! As you can see, we have to reach level 20 on the Beta. Playing the Beta will unlock a Vintage Kait MP character skin, Vintage weapon skins, a Vintage Kait emblem and a Vintage Bounty Card!


Last thing to mention, the embargo will lift today at 6AM PST (9AM EST – 2PM BST) regarding anything content-related for Gears 4. From this time, Xbox and The Coalition will be able to talk and also show footage of Gears 4 more freely.



Short tutorial how to register for the Gears Feedback Program

Note: These steps mostly apply for the TCA program too, with the only difference you need to provide your first and last name for the TCA.


If you want to opt in for the Gears Feedback Program, log into the Gears of War forums using the Microsoft account associated with your gamertag you use to log in. To help you guys, I’ll provide a step-by-step below using my account as an example.


Screenshot 2016-04-14 at 08.32.20

1. Click your profile in the top-right hand corner and afterwards, a drop-menu will appear. Click “My Profile” to be taken to your profile.


Screenshot 2016-04-14 at 08.35.57

2. Go to the “Program Registration” section of your profile. I know the Gears Feedback Program part of mine says “Opt Out” but this will say “Opt In” at the start. Click “Opt In” to be taken further into the registration process.

3. From what I can remember, you need to type your first name and an email address for The Coalition to contact you on. After that, you will receive a confirmation email in the email address you provided to complete registration. After verifying your email address, you are ready!


Another note, there’s been issues of users not receiving their confirmation emails for the Gear Feedback Program.

Here’s a quote from Jack Felling, eSports and Gears of War Developer from The Coalition that it is being looked into:

‘Hmmm, seems like some others are having the issue, I’m looking into it.’

So please don’t worry if your confirmation email is not being sent to your email address you provided. It will be resolved soon.


That’s it guys! Like I said earlier, there’s still more information I’m awaiting to be announced so I will update this post when needed. Be sure to post any comments or questions you have here or on the official Gears of War forums.



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