Gears of War 4 campaign info (So far)


So shinobi602 a well known “leaker” revealed some information for all us Gear heads that are not subscribed to Game informer.

Here’s what he’s revealed.

-2 player couch co-op (Has now been confirmed)

-Set on Sera 25 years after Gears of War 3

-Imulsion weapon set off at the end of GOW3 killed off all fossil fuels

-Humanity has become an endangered species huddled in walled cities seeking shelter from devastating wind storms (as a result of the bomb & intense war aftermath)

-Called “windflares”, sort of a melting of a hurrican and volcano

-4 categories of weather in the game: Start out as heavy breeze (trees, leaves, dust kicking up) and grow into violent category 3 windstorms that can affect combat and weapon usage

-Category 4 windstorms have you just trying to survive, super violent, dodging lightning strikes, etc

-Think of the wind when fighting: Putting the wind behind could help projectile travel, but fighting directly against the wind could throw bullets back at you

-Enemies also affected by the weather (which you could exploit and use strategically)

-“Outsider” camps outside of COG -Heavy inspiration on the setting from Northern Italy (forests, forts, etc)

-Want to get back to the “intimacy” and “boogeyman” feeling of the original Gears

-Team settled on story that features 3 protagonists and stretches across a 24 hour span in game

-JD Fenix (main character) is Marcus Fenix’s son -JD: Joined the COG militia, classified incident forced him to AWOL

-Del: JD in the campaign, befriended him at boarding school (deep bond)

-Kait: Outsider, capable survivalist, shares Outsider perspective with JD/Del

-Story begins as their Outsider village is invaded by a mysterious new force; kidnapped

-The trio goes into the forest in search, wondering why only they were spared

-New enemy is called “The Swarm”

-After the war, too many Locust to bury so many were tossed into mass graves (our trio believe this new threat may be linked)

-First mission sets off with the trio in the forest, discovering giant cocoon

-like pods, pale monstrous creatures erupt looking almost human -These enemies are dubbed “Juvies” (harkening to their seemingly first evolutionary stage of a new enemy)

-Juvies can eventually evolve into “Drones” (homage to the trilogy), able to use weapons, seemingly the main enemy type

-Also experimenting with new enemies like the “Pouncer” (E3 demo)

-Pouncer switches tactics based on player (if you run out in the open, it shoots poisonous quills; stay in cover and it comes after you)

-New weapons like “construction based” tools repurposed for combat

-Wanted to revamp the cover system; can more easily mantle kick over any piece of cover & perform knife kills

-Can also perform a short distance shoulder charge, knocking enemies off balance

-Enemies can also pull players out of cover and perform their own takedowns

-Implementing dynamic cover (for example shooting enemy pods from ceilings in an otherwise open area)

-Big emphasis on multiplayer, saying original Gears development was 90% SP, 10% MP

-Want to meet needs of recreational players and esports players

-Acknowledges love for horde mode and promises fans won’t be disappointed


All information shown here (minus my views) were provided by Shinobi602

Game informer also released a video that can be found here:

More information is to be revealed by Game Informer sometime on the 9th. Its possible it could come at around 5PM GMT



– Snub pistol makes a return

– Gears 4 has 3 different knife variants


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