Gears of War 4 Beta Dates Announced and Season 2 Finals


The Coalition have finally announced the long-awaited news we have been waiting for: Gears 4 Beta dates! I, like everyone right now, am over the moon! There’s two different dates; one for players who have played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition before April 11th (which I’ll explain later), which the Beta will start for them on April 18th. The other date is April 25th, which is for Xbox Live Gold members. Are you guys ready to experience this? Be sure to tell all your friends about it. This is an opportunity to test-play one of the biggest games this year!




Also to give more players an opportunity to receive early access on the Gears 4 Beta, the deadline for this has been extended to April 11th (was originally March 1st). To be eligible for early access, you have to log on and play Gears of War: Ultimate Edition either on Xbox One or on Windows 10 before this date April 11th. However, if you’re playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Windows 10, you will not get Gears 4 Beta access on Windows 10. The Gears 4 Beta is available on Xbox One only.




More important and awesome news, ESL Season 2 Pro League Finals will be held at PAX East in Boston on April 23rd. There is lots of activities taking place, including a exclusive Gears 4 Multiplayer mode reveal at Albatross Theater! Be sure to tune in at to watch the festivities and enjoying all that The Coalition will offer! I’m wondering what can this Gears 4 Multiplayer mode can be. Any ideas what you think it can be? Another Execution-type mode?












Chevron community exclusive weapon skin.


If you think this is good, it gets better. By tuning in at during the ESL Season 2 Pro League Finals, you will have a chance to obtain a super-awesome exclusive skin for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition! That’s right, the Chevron weapon skin is available during this stream! This is a one-time offer and will never been given away again. So please, try your best to attend, enjoy the stream and get this weapon skin! This is my favourite of all of the community-exclusive weapon skins so I’m attending the stream no matter what!



Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Xbox One Console.


There is also a sweepstake for a Gears 4 Xbox One going on as well! Just by watching the stream, you are eligible for a chance to win this! I mean, how awesome is this?! I’m flabber-gasted with the generosity of The Coalition! What would you do if you win this? Would you use this to play on or keep it in pristine condition?


Also a reminder, the Season 2 Bundles will be available while Season 2 is active so if you haven’t yet, you can purchase one or both bundles to support Gears eSports.


The bundles are accessible through here: Gears eSports Season 2 Bundles


I’m so excited after hearing all of this. And we are still waiting for more news from Game Informer (@gameinformer)! More Gears 4 news will be coming at March 16th so stay tuned to Game Informer!








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