Gears of War Motion Capture – What does it mean?


There was a bit of a wow, “Gears of War 4 is coming” moment when a guy called Jack Felling a social media friendly Black Tusk employee decided to post up the image of one of the actors holding the lancer

This shows us clearly that Black Tusk, have decided on the direction of the plot and have began filming cut scenes. It does not mean they have finished the whole project of filming as described in this reply later on

They have decided that the lancer, in its former style would be used for filming the scene.

However, this does not mean that the lancer in its old style will be used and it does not mean that it is evidence of a prequel. We can tell this because of how motion capture works, they would add skins or the design of the weapon after the motion capture has taken place.

This can be seen also with the job opening for a Senior Gameplay Animator job posting from Black Tusk that has recently been posted.
This role focus is described as;

The ideal candidate has a focus on creature experience,

The fact they are recruiting for such a specialist to do a very specific job shows in my view how they plan to develop the creatures/enemies of the game. Would you call a locust a creature? My interpretation of a creature is something like the lambent enemies in Gears 3. So does this mean that the Gears franchise is heading to the future past Gears of War 3 and the aftermath of the quite underwhelming end to Gears of War 3?

By reading in between the lines you can paint a picture of what they are trying to build at Black Tusk Studios.

However you do not have to read between the lines to see that this statement below provides enough evidence to show that the next Gears is going to be simply awesome.

Our team is comprised of deep creative and technical expertise from our industry’s top shooter and action titles, working cohesively to delight our fan base and shatter expectations of what is possible.



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